8 Awesome Apps Used By Professional Essay Writers


Writing an essay requires a hearty investment of time, effort, and hard work. 

It is a lengthy process involving various tasks like researching, analyzing, gathering information, note-taking, etc. 

Such a humongous task can easily tire students and confuse them over time. For instance, you would’ve collected lots of information regarding your topic and stored them in specific folders on your desktop. 

As time passes, you realize there are so many folders, and each folder is full of various research. Composing a paper using these many folders can be stressful as every folder must be checked to locate the information or idea you want.

This seems like a nightmare for many students. But some smart solutions and tactics optimize your way of working. 

For instance, you can use the help of professional essay writers to get an impeccable paper written and save time spent on research. This option is favored by those students who are running short on time.

Another option you can employ is to use writing applications and make your essay writing process a little easier. 

One can find hundreds of essay writing applications that fulfill specific purposes such as note-taking, investigating a particular topic, or formatting. 

In this post, we’ll share with you a handful of apps/software that are used by professional essay writers which will make your essay-writing process more manageable.

8 Best Apps to manage your essay paper writing process

Some fantastic applications and software can eliminate stress and make your academic writing process easier.

  • Evernote 

This cross-platform application helps you take notes (handwritten and clipped web content), include, and comb through your research resources. The tool helps organize related information (notes) together under various tags and folders. You can include pictures, texts, and documents in the notes.

All the notes you saved may be easily discovered with the search option. One more essential feature of this tool is its ability to capture audio notes using the built-in recorder. 

Evernote allows you to share and discuss your notes and notebooks with anyone without leaving the Evernote app. The tool syncs automatically across all your devices, including your laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

Evernote’s basic edition is free and allows you to write unlimited notes, but storage space is restricted to 60MB per month. You must upgrade to a premium subscription plan if you want more storage.

  • Todoist

Todoist is a task management app that’ll help you arrange your information and strategize your plan. You can use the tool for various personal, academic, or professional functions such as planning, scheduling, outlining, etc.,

It has an appealing basic functionality that assists you in creating various tasks in minutes. The tool has strong collaboration and integration capabilities and can be used on your phone, tablet, and PC. 

Todoist is free to use, but you may upgrade to a paid version if you require higher project limits or other features like reminders.

  • Ref-n-Write

Ref-n-Write is a tool with an extensive collection of academic writing phrases that helps write a quality essay paper. The application uses artificial intelligence technology to provide information on selecting the correct academic word, cross-referencing past work, suggesting fresh ideas, and more.

Non-native English speakers may use this tool to paraphrase their work and practice their English writing skills. You can register (sign up) for a free trial to try the referencing, paraphrasing, and phrase bank capabilities.

  • Grammarly

This is one of the most prevalent language tools widely accepted by students and professional essay writers. The tool utilizes artificial intelligence to detect spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes and then proposes a suitable solution.

Remember that your paper may contain technical jargon or phrases that Grammarly does not comprehend, resulting in highlighted errors. So, before accepting changes, double-check the Grammarly prompts.

Grammarly’s primary function is free and helps spot most spelling and grammar issues, but a paid upgraded premium version is available for a more thorough check on anything you type.

  • Mendeley

Mendeley is a reference management tool that manages all of your citations and references in Word. Just load your journal articles into the software and add your citations as you write in Word. 

The tool will automatically create your reference list in the format you want (Harvard, APA, etc.). 

Mendeley has got some valuable features that make referencing easy. The app is free to use.  

  • Hemingway editor

This is the best editing tool that can assist you in refining your writing by identifying parts of your work that will impair readability. This tool will help you improve the sentences in your manuscript. It emphasizes difficult-to-read sentences, words, or phrases with easier alternatives, passive voices, and the number of adverbs in your work.

Hemingway App provides a free edition and a commercial version with more publishing, formatting, and other options.

  • Typeset.io

With approximately 100,000+ validated journal formats, Typeset is a tool that immensely helps researchers with citations. Just copy-paste or upload your article to Typeset and adhere to any citation style. Once done with uploading and citing, click on “autoformat.” 

Typeset will create your research report in seconds. Furthermore, the tool checks your work’s quality with built-in Plagiarism and Grammar check tools.

You can easily download your research essay paper in PDF format, Docx format, LaTeX format, or even Zip format. 

  • Scrivener

Scrivener is a writing tool that is favored by novelists, screenwriters, academics, journalists, and others. This tool is best for long-writing projects like dissertations, research papers, and so on.

You can use the editor and begin writing or organizing your points by creating an outline. Moreover, Scrivener allows you to divide your writing into sections of different sizes and then join them.


Writing an essay paper is a daunting task full of challenges. A significant amount of time and effort is expended in locating content, reading, organizing, managing information, and developing your thesis (in the case of research papers) to add value to your work. A good writing tool can help you manage all this hard work and make it easier. In case you find it difficult to write one, then you have the option of hiring a professional essay writer to finish your task.


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