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8 AI Tools to Improve Your Design Workflow

Design Workflow

Design is an essential element of brand identity. Not only is design useful for building out products and services, but it also helps to help you stand out.

Modern businesses rely heavily on design, and as technology has advanced, the usage of AI technologies in the design process has grown in popularity. AI-powered design tools can make it easier, quicker, and more productive for designers to generate designs.

Keep reading to learn more about AI design technology and 8 AI design tools that can help optimize your design workflow.

1. Canva

Since its creation, Canva has been widely known as a user-friendly platform for designers. Its simple to use platform helped it grow in popularity by amateur and professional designers alike.

Canva can help you create designs for social media and marketing materials. Use its vast library of templates, pictures, and graphics.

With the help of AI technology, Canva has expanded its services. Users can now quickly and simply create professional designs using Canva, an AI-powered design tool. The tool makes it simpler to develop cohesive designs by using AI to recommend design aspects that go well together.

2. Sketch2Code

An AI-powered application called Sketch2Code assists designers in converting their hand-drawn sketches into usable HTML codes. With the use of this tool, designers may swiftly translate their concepts into code.

This expedites the development process. By automating the process, designers can become more efficient.

3. Logojoy

Logos are emblazoned across a brand to showcase its identity. They are perhaps the most important design element of a brand and can be incredibly complex to develop. Logojoy uses AI technology to make logo design easier than ever.

Based on your preferences for design, the AI-powered logo design tool Logojoy generates logos. The application makes it simpler to develop logos that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional by using AI algorithms to recommend designs based on the input given by the user.

4. Artisto

Users can create works of art from their photographs and videos using the AI-powered image editing tool known as Artisto. Designers may add a variety of filters and styles to their photographs to produce original and striking designs.

5. Builder. AI

Want to build an app? Builder AI simplifies your app design journey. With the help of AI technology Builder is able to accelerate the mobile app development process.

This AI technology uses offers a vast library of design elements, widgets and codes to help you create functional apps with ease. As new app development software emerges, creating a functional app for your business has grown more accessible.

6. Adobe Sensei

An AI-powered tool called Adobe Sensei provides a number of design elements for Adobe’s product line. Making it simpler to build designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, the tool employs AI to recommend design elements and styles based on the user’s input.

7. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands help to add unity to a brand. This platform allows its users to design an entire marketing suite. From unique logos and business cards to sponsorship packets and letterhead.

Tailor Brands uses AI technology to make cohesive designs based on user input. This uniformity helps to ensure brand consistency and recognition across platforms.

8. Unscreen

Unscreen helps designers elevate their work. Unscreen enables users to take off the backdrop from pictures and videos. Designers may easily remove undesirable backgrounds using this tool, which makes it simpler to produce designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Design an App to Improve Design Workflow

Designers can gain from AI-powered design tools in a variety of ways, including improved productivity, accuracy, and speed. These fast-paced technologies free up designers to concentrate on other stages of the design process.

Incorporating these AI technologies into your design workflow will help elevate your designs. This is true whether you are a seasoned designer or just getting started.

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