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7 Ways To Keep Your Pet Hydrated All Day Long


Dogs, just like humans, require ample amounts of water to keep themselves healthy and functioning. On average, your pet should consume about 1 cup of water per 10 pounds of its body weight. But many pets create a huge fuss when they’re asked to drink water. Your pet might growl, run away, or simply claw at you if it doesn’t want to drink water.

However, consuming less water leads to a lot of kidney problems, not to mention urinary tract infections. Here are some creative ways to make sure your pet stays hydrated all day.

1) Consume more water bowls

Your pet is just like a little baby; it will tend to get bored easily. If you provide just one water bowl constantly, it won’t feel interested and won’t drink water. Instead, purchase some more bowls from shops like PETstock Australia.

Their bowls are colourful, which makes your pet attracted to them at once. Once your pet likes the bowls, it will automatically start drinking from them.

2) Get a drinking fountain

While some dogs like standing water, some love licking from fountains. If you feel that your dog doesn’t like drinking water from bowls, buy a small water fountain.

These fountains also come with special filters that remove any kind of germs, unpleasant odours, or taste so that your dog loves playing around it and drinks from it. PETstock Australia has a wide range of various kinds of water fountains to suit your pet’s needs.

3) Make pet-friendly smoothies

Are you a fitness freak? Then you must be a fan of smoothies. If you’re making a healthy smoothie for yourself, why not make a little extra for your baby?

Dogs can consume a variety of fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, or green veggies. Just make sure you don’t ever add sugar or other sweetening agents since they can be poisonous for dogs.

Spinach smoothies not only keep your dog hydrated but also provide essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Give 1 tablespoon of smoothie per 5 pounds of body weight.

4) Add water to food

You can add a bit of water to almost any kind of pet food-kibbles or even homemade items. Soak up some kibble in water for a night and store it for around 2-3 days.

In case you’re worried about adding water due to dental problems, don’t worry. Crunchy kibble actually doesn’t clean your dog’s teeth- toothpaste and gels work much better. So you can safely add water to food.

5) Make ice pops

If you live in a hot area, your dog will love licking on some ice pops in the summers. You can make the classic ice pop by simply storing water in ice trays, but upgrading things a little will be much more fun for your dog and you. You can also freeze small blocks of smoothies or vanilla ice cream to give to your pet.

If you wish, you can add a bit of low-sodium broth or other dog-friendly additives to water itself and then give them to your dog.

6) Wash the water bowl every day

Probably one of the reasons why your pet seems disinterested in drinking water is because the bowl isn’t washed properly. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, so an unwashed bowl will give off a stench that you might not be able to detect but your dog will.

So always make sure to wash the bowl every day with soap and water. Keep inspecting if any dirt particles or insects have fallen in the bowl or not. If you do see, change the water immediately and offer freshwater.

7) Get a bigger bowl

Another reason why your dog might have difficulty drinking water is that the bowl is too small. In the case of large breeds, this can be a big issue. Ideally, its water bowl should be much bigger than the food bowl.

The amount of water in the bowl should always be more than what your dog tends to drink in a day so that the bowl is never empty. Instead of filling out a dry bowl, you should discard the old water and refill it.

Over to you…

These are seven great ideas to make sure that your pet is always hydrated and healthy. Even after trying out these hacks, if you feel your pet simply won’t drink water, talk to a vet immediately for any underlying health issues.

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