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7 Ways AI is Redefining the Healthcare Industry

The technology is reaching out to each corner of the world and Healthcare is not an exception for that. AI is one among the most significant techniques over the years. We all know how important role it is playing in each sector and especially in the healthcare industry. AI and Robotics are increasingly becoming a part of the healthcare ecosystem.

The following are the seven ways how AI is helping in developing the healthcare industry.

1) Keeping Healthy

Artificial Intelligence main motive is to help people to stay away from the doctor or not often visiting. AI Encourages the people to use health-related applications and apps to be always proactive and to rest them healthier. The use of Internet of medical Things (IoMT) and AI is already helping the people to be healthy and happy.


AI also helping healthcare professionals to understand the day to day activities of their patients better and with that, they can provide the better and Quick feedback to stay them healthy and fit.

2) Early detection of  diseases 

AI is acting as the Most potent tool in the healthcare industry in identifying the diseases at an early stage like cancer. Some conditions are, and still, we can cure them if we recognize them in their first stage.

According to American cancer society, the high proportion of mammograms giving false results, which results in 1 in 2 women told that they have cancer. The AI helps in review and translation of mammograms 30 times faster and gives 99% accurate results.

Massive usage of medical wearable devices and consumer wearables integrated with AI will also be applied to identify the early stage heart disease and enables caregivers and doctors to monitor them. If anything seems different, the patient can get the right treatment at the right time without any delay.

3) Quick diagnosis

IBM Watson is helping healthcare industries apply cognitive technology to unlock the massive amount of health data and power diagnosis.Watson is a potent AI tool with a Capability to review and store the far more medical symptoms,  medical journals, the case study of treatments and response to medicines by patients around the world exponentially at a faster rate.

Google deepMind technology combines machine learning and system neuroscience to build powerful algorithms which help in mimic the human brain.  Google DeepMind is working very hard with clinical and healthcare associations to find and solve the real world health care problems.


AI acts as a bridge between Clinicians and patients. Artificial Intelligence helps health professionals in identifying the disease, making plans for curing disease and assists patients in getting timely treatment and medical procedure for their long-term treatment.


The robotics have been engaging for more than 30 years in healthcare, and their services are incredible. They range from simple laboratory robots to highly intelligent robots that either aid surgeons or perform critical surgeries on their own. In addition to the operation, they Robots also used in hospitals and labs for repetitive tasks such as Physical Therapy, rehabilitation and AI support to those who need long-term treatment.

5) End of life care 

Our lifespan has increased compared to olden days due to better curing plans, proper medicine, and technological advancements. Our approach towards the end of life,  the life is ending slower and in a different way from conditions like heart failure, dementia,  and osteoporosis. End of life care, also a phase where most of the people attacked by a problem called loneliness.

Robots can revolutionize the end of life care, helping people for longer independence and reducing the need for hospitalization. The AI combined advanced humanoid robots are stepping even further to have a conversation with the old people to remove their loneliness and helping in sharping aging minds.

6) Research process

One of the costliest thing in healthcare is drug creation, and it is associated with million dollars of money as well as takes on an average a decade to develop a new drug.

Making this process more accessible and cheaper will helps us in creating a new era in healthcare department. It could assist in preventing dangerous diseases instantly.

For example recently when Ebola disease attacked, AI has shown its mark in identifying the relative drug from the existing drugs and the same appropriate used to curing the diseases very effectively. Because of Artificial Intelligence, we had saved thousands of lives. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence combined with healthcare Wii take the healthcare to the new heights.

7) Managing health records and other data

Data management is one of the primary tasks for any industry, in the same manner, healthcare industry also has to maintain its patient and medical records for future references. The Big Data of health records are complicated to analyze manually. Artificial intelligence helps in data management and digital automation. Robots collect, store, organize and find data to provide quick access whenever required.

Final words

So far we have seen the advancements in the healthcare industry with the integration of Artificial Intelligence. These are just samples, and if we push this with maximum support to develop AI In healthcare, we can expect the miracles.

 AI will save time as well as money and helps in providing adequate, appropriate, and timely treatment to the patient. AI works as a superpower in controlling the massive diseases like Ebola, Nipha, cancer, and heart-related illnesses which needs an immediate cure. We can say without hesitating that AI is one of the most important reasons for the increased lifespan of human beings.

About the Author:

Vinodh Kumar M, postgraduate from the Business Administration background. He is currently working as a content contributor for Mindmajix and loves to write tech related niches. Contact Vinod at Gmail. Socially connect to Vinod at LinkedIn and Twitter.

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