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7 tips to succeed in building stands at events

Getting a stand at an exhibition is usually the easy part. After that comes the hard work of building a successful stand that will entice participants and help you make more sales. If your stand is inappropriate for your brand, you might not enjoy all the benefits of being part of an exhibition. Many business owners reach out to stand builders whenever they have an event. However, a stand builder does not cancel out your role in successfully completing a befitting exhibition stand for events. We have provided some tips to help you work well with a stand builder to achieve the best exhibition stand for your brand. 

7 Tips for Successful Exhibition Stand Building

 Building an exhibition stand is like undergoing any project building. You need to start with clear goals and finish by evaluating your success. Our step-by-step tips will help you succeed when building an exhibition stand for events. 

1. Know Your Goals and Objectives

 Clear direction will make the difference between whether your exhibition stand looks like a haphazard project or becomes a success. You must ensure that you set out the goals and objectives of the exhibition stand before building it. This will also ensure that your builder does not do anything different from what you want. Your objectives should also be realistic and achievable. Work with your stand builder to determine what is truly attainable in your space. You can also use the SMART framework to narrow your objectives to what works. 

2. Identify Your Target Audience

 Identifying your target audience is crucial to the success of your exhibition stand. Different kinds of stands will appeal to various audiences, so you need to know your target demographic. Depending on the behaviors and interests of your target audience, you might have to choose certain elements to incorporate into your stand. For instance, digital games appeal to a young demographic, and offering games will draw more young prospects to your stand at the event. This will also influence the language and imagery used on your stand banner design. 

3. Get a Skilled Team

 Many business owners don’t realize it until they have done a few exhibition events, but the truth is that your exhibition stand is only as good as your team. Part of ensuring your exhibition stands work well is ensuring that you have the best teams attending to participants. You should also ensure that your team is appropriately outfitted in branded clothes to add to the beauty of your stand. Take time to train your team to manage the stand before the event. You can even run a mock event so everyone knows what they need to do at the event. 

4. Do Your Research

Proper research can help you make the best decisions for your exhibition stand and understand the kind of exhibition best for your niche. At industry-related exhibitions, you have a higher possibility of meeting prospects for your products and services. You can also research the stands your competition had put up before. You can ask around at industry associations to learn about these kinds of exhibitions. You can also search online for different exhibitions and stands in your industry. When you know what works in your industry through research, you don’t have to make any mistakes before you put together a fabulous exhibition stand. 

5. Plan for Contingencies 

Even the best-laid plans run into issues. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the potential risks of your exhibition stand. You might want to plan for alternatives to any possible problems that might arise at your exhibition stand. You should also keep your team prepared to handle these problems. Ensure that everyone knows what to do so there won’t be any drag on activities once the event begins.

6. Promote Your Stand 

Promoting your stand before the event is an essential part of building a successful exhibition stand at events. You can make use of social media to inform people of your participation in the event. Social media campaigns will help you create a buzz and draw people to check out your stand. You can also send newsletters and emails to your existing clients, informing them of your stand and offering discounts on the products you will showcase if they attend the event. Getting a good turnout at your exhibition stand is not something that happens by magic. You need to promote your brand if you want a successful event. 

7. Evaluate Your Success

 Planning a successful exhibition stand is not complete without evaluating its success at the event. You can work with your stand builder to determine which aspects of your stand worked effectively and which still need improvement. You should check the number of leads generated, your sales figures, and the impact the stand had on your brand image. It will help you make informed decisions at your next exhibition. At NStands, our carefully selected, professional stand builders can walk you through planning a successful exhibition stand. Just choose the best stand builders for you at NStands!

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