7 Tips to Improve Lighting For Amazon Product Photography

In the competitive field of Amazon sales, the appearance of your items may make or break a purchase. A significant aspect of generating attractive product photos is mastering the art of lighting. In this post, we’ll figure out seven ways to increase your Amazon product photography effortlessly.

These simple yet effective techniques are meant to change your product photographs, making them stand out and establish a lasting influence on potential consumers.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced seller, these lighting suggestions can pave the way for a visually attractive product presentation on the Amazon marketplace.

Why Proper Lighting Matters in Amazon Product Photography?

Proper lighting is a game-changer for your Amazon product photographs, and it’s crucial to get it right. When your things are well-lit, they look crisp and true to color, helping shoppers to see all the key aspects.

This not only makes your products more appealing but also enhances the likelihood of attracting the attention of potential consumers. Conversely, bad lighting might make your things look dull or distorted, potentially pushing shoppers away.

That’s why applying the ideal lighting is vital to make your things stand out, look their best, and boost the probability of buyers wanting to buy them on Amazon. For extra insights on increasing your product visibility and sales, check out Pola Marketing.

7 Simple Tips to Improve Lighting For Amazon Product Photography

These seven tips will transform your Amazon product photography by optimizing lighting, ensuring your products shine with exceptional visual appeal.

1) Optimize Exposure Settings to Avoid Overexposure:

Take responsibility for your camera’s exposure controls to avoid overexposure, ensuring your product images keep clarity and rich colors. Utilize the camera’s spectrum as a guide for attaining well-balanced lighting.

Fine-tune the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings to acquire the perfect exposure, ensuring your images display your items clearly and accurately without losing crucial information.

2) Craft a DIY Lightbox for Controlled Lighting:

Elevate your product photography by making a simple DIY lightbox to regulate and diffuse light efficiently. Make a unique lightbox with a cardboard box, white poster board, and tissue paper.

Integrate apertures on the sides covered with tissue paper to produce diffused light. Place your merchandise within the box and strategically arrange external lights or bulbs around it for even illumination. This brilliant DIY lightbox reduces harsh shadows, delivering a gentle and steady light source, resulting in well-lit and detailed product photographs.

3) Adjust the Angles for Highlights and Shadows:

Experiment with different light angles to highlight certain product characteristics and regulate shadows. By altering the angle of your light source, you may accentuate texture, form, and critical features.

For instance, a modestly slanted light might generate a subtle shadow that provides depth without being too dominating. Take many photographs from various perspectives to discover the lighting configuration that best matches the particular attributes of your product. This strategy helps you market your items in the most beautiful way possible.

4) White Balance Adjustment:

Pay attention to the white balance settings on your camera or smartphone. Accurate white balance guarantees that the colors in your product shots seem natural and true to life. If the lighting conditions change, alter the white balance settings accordingly.

Many cameras feature preset modes for different lighting circumstances, such as daytime, overcast, or artificial light. Experiment with these parameters to discover the one that best suits your product and assures correct color depiction.

5) Diffuse Harsh Shadows using Reflectors:

Try using reflectors to decrease harsh shadows and produce a more equal lighting arrangement. Reflectors reflect light onto the product, filling up shadows and lowering contrast. You may use basic, cost-effective items like white foam boards or reflective cloth as reflectors.

Place them strategically opposite the primary light source to divert and soften the shadows. Reflectors assist in generating a well-balanced and professional look in your product pictures by delivering additional illumination to regions under shade.

6) Use Natural Light Effectively:

Natural light, like sunshine, is a cost-effective and conveniently available resource for boosting your product photography. Position your goods near a window or in an area with adequate natural light. However, avoiding intense direct sunlight is vital since it might cause severe shadows and overexposure.

Instead, strive for diffused natural light, which may be done by utilizing sheer curtains or filming during overcast days. Soft, consistent lighting helps display product features without distracting shadows, resulting in more visually attractive photographs.

7) Invest in Affordable Lighting Equipment:

Click here to improve your product photography for Amazon, especially when natural light falls short or is unavailable, it’s necessary to seek cost-effective lighting alternatives. Consider investing in budget-friendly lighting equipment such as softbox lights and LED panels.

These solutions are chosen for producing a regulated and uniformly dispersed light source that enhances your Amazon product photos. Strategically set the lights to reduce shadows and improve crucial characteristics of your goods. Experiment with varied distances and angles to create the desired effect.

Affordable lighting kits abound, giving a wonderful chance to raise the quality of your product photographs, rendering them more visually alluring for potential purchasers on the Amazon marketplace.


Understanding lighting is important for effective Amazon product photography. Well-lit photographs not only boost visual attractiveness but also affect customer impression. The seven ideas presented, from maximizing exposure to employing economical lighting equipment, offer realistic options for improvement.

Utilizing these tips can generate professional, eye-catching images that raise your items’ desirability and increase Your chance for growth in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Remember that investing in good lighting is an investment in your online business’s success.

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