7 Tips To Choose Your Secure File Transfer Software

Before you rush off and send unsecured files, here are seven file transmission types that might save you from a data breach.

Securing your file transfers is the best way to ensure that you do not lose vital customer information. Data is bought and sold in the underground market for nefarious means. One lost customer file could lead to identity theft, a data breach scandal, and could cost your company millions. Here are some of the best ways to pick the firm that will secure your files before you transfer them, to prevent this type of breach.

The 7 Tips to Choose your Secure File Transfer Software System

There are many ways to narrow down your choice in file transfer software. Here are some top tips to help you choose.

1 – Choose by Reputation

When you choose by reputation, you select your file transfer software system based on user experiences. To do this, look for reviews, for positive comments, and for a solid name with an established history in tech. With secure file transfer solution from Globalscape, users or organizations can count on a protected method of transferring data. 

2 – Choose by Reviews

Before you select the service, you want for secure file transfer, have a browse through customer reviews. Customers will always be honest about their experience with a firm, even if that firm sells software. If they do not like it, you should be wary of choosing that service.

3 – Choose by Your Needs

Writing down your exact specifications for file transfer solutions can work as a good method to select a file transfer software system. It may be that you want an FTS with different levels of encryption. It might be that you want an SSH. Deciding before you use it could help make a better decision in the provider.

4 – Choose by Ease of Use 

If you are rolling out this new file transfer system in a large-scale organization and you need everyone to understand it quickly, opting for a complex system will work against you. If simplicity is what you are after, ask before you buy regarding how long the FTS software takes to learn to use. Does it come with instructions or a walkthrough?

5 – Choose by Experience

You want to choose a method of encrypting your files to make them securer by picking a company that has been around for a while. Do not trust entire organizations’ cyber security to a brand-new firm nobody has heard of. The last thing you want is a patchy service because they are not scalable.

6 – Choose on Instinct

If your gut is telling you that this software system is not going to work for you, then you should trust your gut. When things feel off it is generally because they are. Do not be fooled by good advertising.

7 – Choose your FTS based on Word of Mouth

This comes back to consumer reviews again. However, if you can find testimonials on the software systems, or even if you know someone who uses a particular system, ask them about it and get the scoop. It just might be that they have a winning software system they let you use. 

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