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7 Things You Should Know Before Moving to UK

The UK is one of the most popular choices for people who want to move abroad and to start a new life in another country. A lot of people decide to move abroad as they want to continue their studies or they find a better workplace. It may also be for personal reasons such as mariage, just to give one example.

Think about your security

If you get in the UK and wish to buy a British phone number (phone card), you should be aware of the risks of scamming by phone. You may get random calls from strangers who will ask you to send them money for a good cause. They may also try to sell you a certain product. In a situation like this, you need to have quick methods to stay safe.

Many tourists have mentioned that using Who called me UK has helped them when they needed to check unknown numbers. They have been able to find out information about the caller and to stay away of being scammed by phone. Take advantage of the power of internet.

Weather is changing very fast

If you are coming from a sunny country, deciding to move to the UK will be a huge perspective change, as the weather there is pretty different. UK is known for being pretty cold (which is great on summer) and rainy sometimes. Make sure you have the right equipment and you’ll be fine.

Get ready for sarcasm and cold jokes

British people are popular for their cold humour. But if you get used to it, you’ll be able to stand any joke. British people don’t mean not to be kind, but they can even see their dark humour as friendly.

Healthcare is easily accessible to anyone

This is a huge plus as health is essential if you want to enjoy your life. In the UK the health system is well organized and accessible to anyone in need. A health insurance may be extremely helpful, covering a part of the costs.

Special holidays

If you are used to a specific list of free days per year for holidays, then you should know that in the UK these may be different: except for Christmas and Easter maybe.

Great work life balance

English people are hardworking. But they also know how to take care of themselves and they evenly distribute work hours and relaxing hours. Family quality time is important and friends are not forgotten either.

British accent is not the same everywhere in the UK

We all know that the British accent is known all over the world. But did you know that this accent is not the same in all the regions of the United Kingdom? Just be aware of the fact that even if you speak English very well, you may find people that will not understand you or people that you will not understand.

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