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7 Smart Tips to Properly Light a Warehouse


Finding the perfect light for a warehouse can be daunting because lighting plays a vital role in completing everyday work, but people often overlook its importance. 

For powerful lighting, LED lights should not be an option but a priority. It can help lessen the issues of accidents, low productivity, and higher utility bills. Of course, other essential elements should also be on the list. So, check out the seven clever tips to properly light a warehouse

  • Check the Layout and Other Distinctive Features of the Warehouse

Before the light installation, double-check the structure of the shelves and racks in the warehouse to ensure improvement in storage. Plus, you can give that area an organized look by creating space. When everything is in the proper order, it becomes easy to identify which part of the warehouse needs more lighting and which does not. 

It is wise to look for other distinctive features in the warehouse, such as checking out brighter areas where daylight is enough and calculating the duration of that part of the place. 

Since the lighting system emits an illumination pattern that should align with the layout of the warehouse, you can consider a few things in mind before taking a step further. If the area has open space, then the wide illumination pattern would be the right choice, but if the aisles have narrow shelving, the long setup would be perfect.

  • Select the Right Lighting For the Warehouse

In general, three main types of lights are available in the market: LED Lights, Incandescent, and Fluorescent. Among them, LED light is currently the most popular one. The reasons why LED is the best choice nowadays are:

  • LED (light emitting diodes) are better than incandescent and fluorescent because of their cost-efficient factor. Such types of lights consume less energy.
  • Regardless of whatever you are storing, LEDs provide warmth-free lighting, which is perfect for every situation.
  • The lifespan of such lights is longer than that of incandescent or fluorescent ones.
  • They not only provide better brightness but are also environment-friendly. If you have this type of lighting in your warehouse or professional workspace, it can improve your business reputation.

One negative point of LEDs is that they provide directional light and create a glare. Fortunately, this issue is no longer a problem, thanks to advanced technology. Several LED light fixtures are available in the market to reduce the glare effect of the lights with the help of reflectors.

  • Choose the Right Coloured Light

Imagine you are trying to read small details on the packaging of your stored products, but it is difficult to do so because of inappropriate lighting. Picking up the right colored light is crucial for you to get highly productive performance in everyday tasks. 

Go for natural-colored lights because they can help you to find even a little object or read a small piece of information on the label. Good natural-looking lighting has a greater Colour Rendering Index (CRI), which is between 80 to 90. Additionally, you can also select a light from its color temperature as it can enhance employees’ productivity. A crisp white light between 4000K to 5000K is a perfect choice. 

Please ensure that the light output is not warm because it will make your workers sleepy and lazy. Also, they will not see objects with ease.

  • Don’t Forget to Check the Quality of the Lights

Is it okay to have fancy and expensive lights, but the quality is debatable? Of course, not. It must be among the top priorities when selecting a product for the warehouse. Though it takes time to search different companies and their proficiency before buying the light, it is still worth investing every minute. You can take help from the internet. Explore and find information about the vendors and read public reviews to select the right company. Just make sure you don’t have to spend money every year or two on lighting. It must be long-lasting (at least ten years).

  • Find the Appropriate Light Fixtures in the Warehouse

In most warehouses, ceilings are high, so you should find the appropriate light fixtures with a generous amount of brightness. For this purpose, visit the right vendors, and explore and compare different light intensities to find the suitable one for your place. Just make sure the light reaches floors and every corner of the warehouse.

Here, finding the right vendor will play a crucial role, so search for sellers who can explain the importance of the perfect light fixture for your space because proper guidance will make a difference. Let your vendor visit your warehouse to know what kind of lighting would be appropriate for your place. 

  • Using Light Regulators and Sensors Would Make a Difference

Almost all LED lights feature regulators to control the brightness level of the light. Using light regulators and sensors have numerous benefits, including:

  • At some parts of the warehouse where bright light is not necessary, you can use a regulator to dim the lighting to save power consumption.
  • This method can boost productivity as they will work better according to their preferences.
  • The sensors can control the intensity of brightness as some specific parts of every warehouse has natural sunlight, so there is no need for artificial lighting during the daytime.

So, whenever you visit a vendor to purchase lighting, it is wise to check the regulators and sensor features. If not available, you can ask for it by paying extra money.

  • Keep Everything Budget-Friendly

Calculating an estimated budget before installing LED lights would be great. When you know how much money you require for the installation process, you can approach the vendor to find the right products in your range. This way, you can invest according to your needs.

Pro Tip: Thoroughly research the right vendors before approaching a seller. Check whether they are providing warranties or not. It can be an indicator of their reliability. Also, go for a five-year warranty certificate before purchasing the lights. If the product fails to perform its function at any time, the company will replace it within that time.

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