7 Signs Your Suspension Needs Attention

Suspension Needs Attention

Is your vehicle sending you signals that all is not well with its suspension system? The smooth operation of your car’s suspension is crucial for a comfortable and safe ride. In this guide, we’ll talk about the seven signs that indicate your suspension might need repair. Understanding these signals can help you address problems early and prevent further damage. Here are the signs of vehicle suspension repair to watch out for

Uneven Tire Wear: When tires wear unevenly, it suggests that the wheels are not making proper contact with the road surface. This can result from misaligned wheels, worn-out suspension components, or improper tire inflation. Uneven tire wear not only compromises the vehicle’s handling and performance but can also significantly reduce tire lifespan.

Excessive Bouncing: A rough ride is often associated with problems in the vehicle’s shock absorbers or struts. These components are crucial for stabilising the vehicle and providing a smooth driving experience. If shocks or struts are worn or damaged, the vehicle may bounce excessively over bumps or uneven surfaces. This not only diminishes ride comfort but also compromises the vehicle’s ability to maintain proper tire contact with the road.

Pulling to One Side: A vehicle pulling to one side while driving indicates an imbalance in tire pressure, uneven tire wear, or misalignment. It can also be a sign of brake issues, with one side of the braking system not functioning correctly. If your car constantly drifts to one side, it is essential to address the underlying cause promptly. This may involve checking and adjusting tire pressures, aligning the wheels, or inspecting and repairing the braking system.

Difficulty Steering: If you find it harder to steer or experience stiffness, it might be time for a suspension check. Low power steering fluid, a malfunctioning power steering pump, or issues with the steering linkage can all contribute to steering difficulties. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to increased driver fatigue and compromised vehicle control.

Fluid Leaks: Addressing engine oil leaks promptly is crucial to prevent further damage to components, avoid safety hazards, and maintain the overall health of the vehicle. Coolant leaks, often resulting from a damaged radiator or hoses, should also be investigated without delay. Additionally, leaks in transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid warrant immediate attention to ensure the proper functioning of these vital systems.

Knocking or Clunking Noises: Strange noises from the vehicle’s suspension system can be indicative of damaged components. These may include bushings, ball joints, tie rods, or CV joints. Ignoring such noises can lead to further deterioration of components and compromise the vehicle’s stability and handling. Regular inspections can help identify and address issues early, preventing more extensive and costly repairs.

Visible Damage: Dents, scratches, or more severe structural issues, should not be overlooked. While some damage may be cosmetic, underlying structural damage can compromise the vehicle’s safety and integrity. Promptly addressing visible damage through professional repairs maintains the vehicle’s aesthetics and ensures a safe and secure driving experience. Regular visual inspections, especially after accidents or impacts, are essential for identifying and addressing visible damage promptly.

Hire Experts For The Best Car Suspension Service

When it comes to ensuring a smooth and safe ride, trust a professional’s advice. A skilled car suspension mechanic can accurately diagnose and fix car suspension problems to ensure optimal vehicle performance. Their expertise can contribute to the longevity of your vehicle.

One of the most trusted names in the automotive industry is Hawthorn Automotive Improvements. They are a premier car suspension service provider in Australia. They have a team of skilled professionals specialising in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of suspension issues.

If you require a reliable car suspension repair, you can call them on 03 9818 2383 to schedule an appointment. You can also send them an email at if you have questions or concerns.

Don’t wait until the signs become more evident. It’s best to keep your suspension system in optimal condition for a smoother journey on the road.

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