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7 Signs Your Company Needs a Better VoIP Service

Better VoIP Service

VOIP services have been around for years. It’s no secret that these services are becoming more and more popular. VOIP calls are a great way to make your business communications easier. Whether you make cold calls or talk to your existing customers, chances are that you are already using VOIP services. However, it can be hard when you are unsure if the VOIP services you have been using for years are actually any good.

This post will discuss seven signs that you might need a better VOIP service so that you’re not stuck with one where something doesn’t work right or costs too much!

So, let’s just dive in!

1) You notice dropped calls and bad quality on most days

When you are running a business, communication is a fundamental necessity. Every call you make to the client or the customer is crucial to success. 

Imagine a scenario where you lost a client just because the VoIP network couldn’t connect the call to you. It can be a huge loss to your business. You may also lose a customer if the call drop rate of your VoIP is high.

So, if you are witnessing high call drops, missed calls, or bad call quality, it is time to switch to a better VoIP service provider.

2) You find yourself in a dead zone often

It is often noticed that at some locations, the communication systems fail badly. Not because they don’t have the infrastructure but because they are not connected to the master node in the network. This usually happens with networks that have an obsolete infrastructure.

This lack of network upgrades may push you into a dead zone. This may even become worse if you are meant to work from home (especially in this pandemic era). If you feel that you often find yourself in a  dead zone, it is time to change your VoIP services.

3) Elevating Rates

Call rates are one of the key factors that you should consider when choosing a service. It is the only factor in the end that most businesses care about, as well. So, if you feel that the overall cost of your VoIP service is high while the services provided by the provider are not comparable, you should start looking for a better service provider.

However, be sure to compare plans of various service providers and read the user reviews before opting for the service.

4) Your employees don’t like the system

Traditional calling systems often have a problem of cross-connections. Nowadays, some of the VoIP services also face this issue, and it may sometimes create frustration among your employees. One of the key reasons behind this is the non-availability of required bandwidth.

Other than this, the frequent dropping of calls may make it extremely frustrating for the people who work for you. This can directly impact their performance. So, if you witness any decline in the performance of your employees, you need to gather the insights leading to that and change the VoIP service if required.

5) Increase in customer complaints

It doesn’t matter what or how many businesses you run, you will always receive some customer complaints. However, you need to analyze them carefully as they might not be due to the quality of your services but due to the non-availability of customer support.

If your customer service is not available to the customers, there may be issues with your VoIP service. Here, you need to immediately switch to a better VoIP service to save your customer base.

6) Security Issues

Technology advances every day, and so do the security protocols. Hence, if you are using the VoIP services of a provider who has not upgraded his network security aspects, you may have to change the provider.

As cyberattacks are rising day by day, it has become imperative to keep up with the advanced security protocols to shield your sensitive data and communications.

7) Bad User Interface

It is often seen that VoIP service providers don’t focus much on the user interface, whether it is on their phone or their application. This is one of the core reasons that affect user experience. A well-designed user interface not only helps users understand what they are doing but also guides them better.

The new VoIP providers offer interactive user interfaces, and this is the factor for which you need to find a better VoIP service.

Bottom Line

You may be thinking that you’ve got a lot to analyze about your current VoIP service. As it is an era of highly secured and fast devices where even one untimely phone call or mail can turn things around, you need to have a reliable oversight system in place. If you think your VoIP is the system causing issues, switch to a better one.

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