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7 Shopify Design Mistakes That May Hamper Your Revenue

Do you know that a well-designed online shop is the key to the success of your business? If you miss a significant designing aspect, be ready to witness declining revenue. Therefore, make sure the design of your Shopify site is as appealing and user-friendly as it needs to be at par with the competitive landscape. Are you aware of these design mistakes?

If you have a superior marketing strategy to implement and various products to list on the site, be sure to avoid these design mistakes that may hinder your sales greatly.

7 Shopify Design mistakes that may bring down your sales

1.      Not using a responsive design

One of the commonest mistakes you need to steer clear of is not using a responsive design. You cannot just choose a theme that targets desktop users. With more and more users using mobile phones on the go, what matter is adapting to buyer behavior? If you want to create a responsive e-commerce store, search for Shopify store development services to lend it the kind of professionalism that would appeal to your users easily.

Mobile phones generate more internet traffic than the rest of the devices combined. So, not creating a responsive e-commerce store may mean that you may lose a good number of prospective audiences on your website. So, when customizing the theme design of your website, make it mobile-friendly.

2.     Improper navigation

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you design a website? A proper plan is the key to the success of your online store, so a similar approach will work for the Shopify store as well. Try to make a plan about the structure of your website and how the design of primary and secondary pages should be, so that you can be surer about developing a user-friendly navigation.

Try to avoid limiting the buyers’ access to the primary pages of your site but do not place the site map on the menu and make it more complicated. Having a hard time making your Shopify site fully customizable and responsive as well? Hire Shopify developers from Digital Concepts, one of the most reliable offshore agencies in India you can trust for your projects.

3.     Missing the site search on the main menu

Visitors to your site will have different requirements and preferences. So, it will be too inconvenient for them to explore everything before they find what they need. Chances are that you will lose over half of the traffic if the website is not simplified. You must not miss including the site search option to let the users search your products and services easily. Make sure you display it on the main menu to enhance access.

4.     Choosing the wrong color match

Can a wrong color match be detrimental to the site? Ask an expert and you will know how combining too many colors may make the design a messy affair. Don’t think that going on adding colors will make your site more visually appealing. Hire a Shopify developer in India to get complete guidance on the impact of your website color on the visitor and make a better decision.

5.     Not including a 404 page

Does your Shopify store have a custom error page? You will showcase your brand as unprofessional if you miss this aspect. It is not that difficult but you can ask the developer to insert one if you are launching the store for the first time.

6.     Unclear product descriptions

Customers access your site depending on the products and services you offer. So, not having a clear description of the product may ruin the opportunity for sales. You know the reason for sure. On the contrary, making the product description unique and interesting will have a positive impact on the customers. But stick to the specifications of the manufacturer when mentioning the descriptions. That way, you will not convey wrong information to users.

7.     Not using high-quality images

Images play a vital role in your Shopify website. So, not using high-resolution images may mean a blunder. Remember that, unlike a physical store, the users will not have the opportunity of touching or holding the product. Therefore, the images you include need to be of the highest quality. You must never expect the sales to pick momentum with blurry and vague images on your website. Make sure the pictures are appealing and have the power to attract traffic.

Designing a Shopify site should not be a daunting task. Thanks to an array of applications and plugins available for users. But hiring a web development outsourcing company removes the possibility of these mistakes and presents your brand in a better light. Follow these tips here to make sure to avoid designing mistakes.

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