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7 Safety Features Of Access Control Systems

When it comes to security, you want the best for your business. You want reliable, user-friendly systems and top-notch protection from intruders or other security threats. Access control systems do just that and more. Let’s look at seven of the best safety features these systems offer.

Audit Trail

Most access control systems come with an audit trail feature, which is helpful for tracking who enters and exits your premises. Audit trails allow businesses to keep accurate records of who is coming and going into their buildings, which is invaluable for monitoring employee activity and ensuring workplace safety.

Time and Day Restrictions

Access control systems also allow you to set time and day restrictions on when specific individuals can access doors. This helps ensure that employees are not accessing areas outside their job scope or otherwise trying to access unauthorized areas of the building. You can also use this feature to restrict access during holidays or when the building may be closed off from general public access.

Protection Beyond Doors

Many access control systems offer additional protection beyond just doors. This includes motion sensors, cameras, alarms, and even facial recognition software in some cases. These features can help you monitor activity within your premises more closely and provide an extra layer of security against unwanted visitors or intruders.

No More Lost or Stolen Keys

One of the most significant benefits of an access control system is that it eliminates the need for keys. Instead of having physical keys that can be lost or stolen, you will have a single digital code that only authorized personnel can access. This code can easily be updated if necessary, so there is no risk of unauthorized persons entering the building without your knowledge.

Update Remotely

With remote access control systems, you don’t have to worry about manually entering codes every time someone needs to enter the building; you can update codes remotely from any computer with an internet connection. This makes it much easier for businesses to manage their security system from virtually anywhere in the world without traveling back home each time an update needs to be made.

Event Notification

Some advanced access control systems also offer event notification capabilities, so you will always know who has entered and exited your premises at any given time–even when you’re away. These notifications are sent via text, so you never worry about missing out on essential updates regarding your security system’s status. 

Alarm Integration

Another great feature of many modern access control systems is alarm integration; this allows businesses to link their plan up with existing alarm equipment to get notifications when something suspicious occurs on their premises. Alarm integration offers an extra layer of protection against potential intruders by alerting authorities quickly in case something unexpected happens while you’re away from home. 

Safety Features Of Access Control Systems – In Summary

Access control systems provide businesses with peace of mind by offering advanced safety features such as audit trails, remote updating capabilities, event notifications, alarm integration, and more. By investing in quality security solutions like these, businesses can rest assured, knowing they are doing everything possible to protect themselves from threats inside and outside their facility walls; now, that’s what we call true peace of mind.


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