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7 Reasons to Work from a Shared Office Space in 2023

During the past few years, millions of freelancers, start-ups, and full-time office workers switched to remote mode. First, it was compulsory, but with time, the benefits became obvious, making us reconsider how, when, and where we want to work. The market of coworking spaces was booming, but for mid-sized and large businesses they were not enough. That is when shared office spaces resurfaced and became a great option for teams to gather, discuss, and generate new ideas. If you still doubt whether shared office spaces for rent are your cup of tea, our article will surely help.

  1. Flexibility and business scalability

While coworking spaces are created mainly for solopreneurs and freelancers who come and go, shared offices target teams and companies which constantly grow and evolve. Thus, they offer a great opportunity to find a location that suits your needs here and now. Teams are constantly expanding and the office you occupied three months ago might already be too small. Shared office spaces give start-ups and companies much-needed flexibility and an opportunity to change niches and transform without investing thousands of hundreds of dollars into one particular location.

  1. Networking and cooperation

Another reason to choose shared offices is communication and a chance to make valuable connections. Individuals, teams, and even companies work side-by-side which boosts productivity and generates new ideas. Such spaces are also perfect for networking because you can find people from the same field or those who might be valuable connections in the future. It is priceless, especially if you are a start-up or a small business and need to expand your circle of acquaintances.

  1. A wide range of services

Shared office spaces have lots of advantages and turn-key facilities are one of them. When renting a location, you get much more than a simple desk. Depending on the space, there might be tens of extras that boost your performance in times. Here are only some of them:

  • Top-notch security. Modern office spaces are equipped with surveillance cameras and have security guards who ensure that you and your belongings are protected.
  • Cleaning. There is no need to take out the trash or clean the coffee machine at the end of a busy day.
  • Front-desk receptionist. It is a professional who answers calls, picks up deliveries, and shows visitors the way to your office.
  • Speedy Internet. This point is rather self-explanatory and is a must for any shared office space.
  • Meeting rooms. There, you can communicate with investors, potential clients, and other visitors in a calm and comfortable atmosphere.
  1. Making the right impression

It is not a secret that clients pay attention not only to our services but also to the way we present ourselves. A neatly organized office space, especially somewhere in a business area, makes a great impression. People are keener to entrust their money and time to a team with its own office than to work-from-home companies. Especially if they need to meet you on a regular basis.

  1. Lower expenses

Long-term rental or purchasing an office can cost you an arm and a leg, so sometimes becomes unreasonable expenses. Think of the ways you could use those funds for your business development and growth! If your company is still small or you are only beginning this journey and don’t know whether the business will exist in a year or two, shared office spaces for rent are a great solution. You will pay for a small area instead of a whole office and only during a particular period of time. Although such spaces usually don’t offer daily or weekly rentals (like coworking hubs), businesses can pay for several months instead of committing to a 2-year lease. 

  1. Technical support

We want to emphasize technologies in a separate paragraph because it is more than a regular service that renters will get at shared office spaces. Businesses heavily depend on technology, so having everything at hand without spending thousands of dollars sounds more than attractive. We are talking about copiers, web cameras, headphones, projectors, and other much-needed devices. They solve lots of daily issues and make your company’s performance more effective and productive.

  1. Perfect location

The last but not least reason to rent shared office spaces is an opportunity to find the right place based on your needs. First of all, it should be located in an area that is easy to reach and have a good transport interchange. A location that suits everyone adds points to the overall impression and makes employees happier with their workplace.

It might be close to a business centre, a factory, a potential customer, and so on. Some companies want an office space close to a park to have a pleasant walk amidst a busy day or to a restaurant for corporate lunches. And the best part is that you can change the office space based on your goals and desires. You may even move across the country or continent to broaden your horizons, boost creativity, and keep the team happy.

Take your meetings to a brand-new level

Teaming up in Zoom or Skype is a great way to do business but they will hardly replace in-person meetings, especially when it comes to demanding projects and brainstorming. Above, we have discussed the main reasons to work from shared office spaces, so all that is left is to find the best option with the help of MatchOffice.


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