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7 Of The Best Tips For Creative Mobile Advertising

Globally, there are more than 5.22 billion mobile phone users as of the writing of this article. So, if we do the math right, that 5.33 billion people would be 66.6 percent of the global population. It indicates that it is time to pay attention to mobile advertising if you haven’t done so already.

Since 84 percent of Americans surf the Internet on their smartphones, you can clearly understand how vital mobile advertising is in this industry. However, you need to have a clear mobile marketing strategy to increase your conversion rates through mobile advertising.

Unfortunately, many brands are still stuck with outdated landing page styles, advertising strategies, and a desktop-centric approach. Mobile advertising is still viewed as a sidekick, which does not help achieve sales targets.

Here we will talk about seven mobile marketing tips companies can utilize to create out-of-the-box ad campaigns and strategies.

7 Tips for Creative Mobile Advertising

The Size Of The Device

The size of a smartphone screen is smaller than a desktop, which directly influences your ads’ design aspect. You need to consider the screen size to create optimized designs for the ultimate viewing experience.

The screen of the mobile phone is your design canvas. So, you must create an ad design that works beautifully on a limited canvas without overwhelming the audience. Innovative rich media ad formats like Shake Scroller and Lookbook have been specifically developed for mobile display and have successfully captured the audience’s attention. 

Use Attractive Visuals

It is scientifically proven that humans are visual creatures, given that 90 percent of the information absorbed by our brains is through visual mediums. And when it comes to the digital world, it is a completely visual society.

Therefore, you must use aesthetically pleasing visuals in your mobile ads to attract and engage with your audience. Here are some basic ideas of the kind of visuals you can use in your rich media ads and overall mobile marketing strategy:

  • Pictures of people 
  • Images that invoke some emotional response from your audience
  • High-quality product photos give the audience a good look at the things you are selling.

As we mentioned earlier, smartphone is quite different from desktops. So, ensure to resize the images when creating mobile ads. This will help them load faster and help the mobile page load speed.

Keep It Short and Sharp:

Keeping it simple and sharp is the best way to communicate with your audience through mobile advertisements. Mobile advertising consumers have a shorter attention span mindset looking for instant gratification. So, it is not wise to burden the user with long, complicated messages. 

To get good results, keep your messages compact and sharp to make them curious to know more about the brand and products. Mobile advertising companies frequently use this strategy rather than laying down all their cards.

Create a Mobile Friendly Website:

The desktop-based advertising approach is long gone, with mobile and tablets taking their place. Nowadays, mobile-friendly websites are a necessity rather than an option. Google, since 2015, has made mobile-friendly websites a factor for ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), given that a majority of traffic comes from mobile users.

Google states that if your website or app takes is too slow and takes an eternity to load, then 70 percent of smartphone users will shift to another app or website. Furthermore, 60 percent of your potential costumes will switch to another app if there are too many steps to purchase an item.

A mobile-friendly website enhances the user experience, increases conversion rates, and stimulates brand awareness among potential customers.

Create Relevant and Useful Ads

While this mantra applies to all marketing strategies, it is a vital mobile marketing tip you cannot ignore. A relevant and useful mobile ad ensures that your message reaches the target.

With advertising trends evolving daily by leaps and bounds, people are already used to extremely personalized ad experiences. So, if your ad content is different from what it is supposed to be and misses the target even by a whisker, you could lose many opportunities in a single go.

Work On Your Load Time

Even the best mobile user interface will fail infront of a lagging mobile website. This is a fact that you cannot deny. The speed at which your website loads will affect traffic and conversions.

According to Google, 40 percent of your mobile website visitors will not wait more than 3 seconds before shifting to a competitor website. To keep up with these expectations, you must ensure that the website loads quickly.

To check the current load time of your mobile website and improve on the same, you can take the help of the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool will give you a customized recommendation based on the generated results to improve the loading speed of your mobile website.

Bank On Mobile Rich Media Ads

Lastly, we cannot wrap up without talking about rich media ads and their role in making mobile advertising campaigns successful. Innovative rich media ad formats with the help of digital video and high-impact display help mobile ads stand out from the crowd. These ads are engaging and attractive and help the audience connect to the brand seamlessly.

In Conclusion

The rapidly growing number of smartphone and tablet users worldwide has made it necessary for brands to develop a proper mobile marketing strategy. The mobile marketing tips detailed in this article will make your job easier.

If you need expert help, consult a reputed mobile advertising company to help create the right plan for your advertisement campaign.


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