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7 Must-Ask Questions When Viewing Properties in Dubai


Dubai has a vibrant and varied real estate market with many choices for both residents and investors. It’s important to ask the appropriate questions during property viewings whether you’re searching for a house for rent in Dubai or for sale in Dubai. Here are seven questions you really should ask to make sure you decide with knowledge. 

  1. What Is the Property’s History?

Gaining knowledge about the property’s past is essential. Inquire the agent or owner about prior ownership, any repairs or alterations, and the rationale for the sale or rental. Understanding the state of the property and any possible problems may be gained from this information.

Condition and Maintenance

Ask about the maintenance history and any most recent fixes. Properly maintained homes usually have fewer problems and might save you money on future repairs. Asking for documentation of any warranties on appliances or structural work is a smart idea as well. 

  1. What Are the Costs Involved?

Understanding all of the expenses related to the property is crucial. This covers not just the price of the purchase or rental but also other expenses such utility bills, maintenance fees, and any other unstated fees. 

Additional Expenses

If you are looking for property for sale in Dubai, you must find out about agent commissions, registration and transfer costs first. Find out about any service fees, monthly utility bills, and security deposit for Dubai rental apartments. Accurately budgeting will need an understanding of these expenses. 

  1. What Are the Community and Amenities Like?

Your living experience may be greatly impacted by the neighborhood and facilities that are offered. Inquire about the neighborhood’s public transit, schools, hospitals, and retail complexes. 

Facilities and Services

Learn about the amenities, like gyms, swimming pools, and security services that are part of the property complex. Good facilities may improve your way of life and raise the worth of your home. 

  1. What Is the Quality of Construction?

Ensuring the durability and security of the property depend on evaluating the building quality. Discover the materials and building methods used. 

Inspection and Certification

Seek out any construction-related certifications or inspection records. Reliability and durability of properties constructed by respectable developers with good standards are usually higher. 

  1. Are There Any Legal Issues?

In Dubai, legal clarity is crucial whether buying or renting a property. Check if the property is free of unsolved problems or legal challenges. 

Ownership and Documentation

Check sure the property is owned by you and that all required paperwork—title deeds and NOCs, or No Objection Certificates—is in order. This lessens the likelihood of legal problems along the road. 

  1. What Are the Future Development Plans in the Area?

Both the value of the house and your quality of life may be impacted by future developments in the neighborhood. Find out about any planned community developments, new constructions, or infrastructure projects. 

Impact on Property Value

New projects can bring construction noise and traffic, even while they might improve the neighborhood’s attractiveness and property prices. Gaining knowledge about future plans enables you to make better decisions. 

  1. What Is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

Realizing the possible return on investment is essential if you’re considering buying real estate in Dubai. Enquire about the long-term prospects of the market and gather information about property for rent in Dubai as of right now. 

Market Trends and Comparisons

For an idea of the property’s financial potential, compare it to nearby ones. To be sure you are choosing wisely, examine market trends and get professional guidance. 


When you’re seeing houses in Dubai, ask these seven questions to have a thorough idea of what to anticipate, which will enable you to make an educated and certain choice. Finding the ideal house or investment in Dubai requires preparation with the appropriate questions, whether you’re looking for a property for rent in Dubai or for sale. 

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