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7 Most Popular Shorts for Men & Why They’re Must Have

Men’s shorts are garments that extend past the middle of the knee and ankle. Shorts are good for an awesome casual and trendy look, especially in the summer season. Shorts are a very popular choice for both men and women.  

In the summer and monsoon, men’s shorts are the epitome of style. In light of this, you don’t need an additional excuse to wear various shorts styles, no matter where you are. You can dress them up or down to fit your sense of style because they are always suited for the season and the occasion. The most common shorts are running shorts, Bermuda shorts, cargo shorts, and lululemon shorts for men. Here is the list of the seven most common types of shorts for men you can choose from.  

Bermuda shorts  

Bermuda shorts, often known as walk or dress shorts, are knee-length semi-formal shorts. Bermuda was created in England during the 20th century to help British soldiers endure the harsh climates in tropical and subtropical regions. With a hand-sewn hem, the leg opening hangs up between one and three inches above the knee. Nowadays, both men and women wear Bermuda shorts due to the comfort they offer.  

Running Shorts  

Running shorts for men are a particular style of short worn by runners. These shorts often consist of breathable cloth and are meant to allow for unrestricted movement when running. A liner inside certain running shorts serves as underwear. There is no need to wear separate underwear if the short has a liner. Running shorts are commonly made of polyester fabric.  

Running shorts are typically not too long because the runner’s stride can chafe the material. Many different running shorts styles have a seam sliced along the side to allow for better movement.  

Boxer shorts  

Boxer shorts were made for and worn only by boxers. Nowadays, both men and women wear boxer shorts for comfort. In place of the leather belted trunks that boxers normally wear, the modern style of boxer shorts has an elastic band at the waist. Boxer shorts are the ideal option if comfort is a priority. Some men also wear boxer shorts as underwear. Most of the time, they are worn by men, but women also wear boxer shorts at home. Boxer shorts are also worn as a part of the nightwear.  

Cargo shorts  

Khaki-colored cargo shorts with various pockets are meant to be worn while hiking or trekking. They are, therefore, ideal for storing trekking essentials like a compass, scissors, etc. Cargo shorts also come in a more elegant design with fewer flapping pockets for storing small items while walking, hiking, or trekking.  

Swim Shorts  

Swim shorts, often known as swimming trunks, are worn when swimming or relaxing on the beach or in a pool. Men’s swim trunks come in various styles, from the teeny, tight jammer to the standard, baggier swim trunks that most people are accustomed to. The tighter swim shorts are often reserved for competitive swimmers. For example, Lululemon shorts for men are popular for their comfort while swimming.  

Cycling shorts  

Cycling shorts are made for road cycling and mountain biking. Road riders typically wear tight-fitting, pocketless cycling shorts. The majority of shirts used by cyclists have pockets on the back. Some varieties may also include chamois or padding integrated into the short. When looking for cycling shorts, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Nylon and spandex are frequently used in the construction of bicycle shorts. It’s crucial to consider durability while buying cycling shorts.  

Chino shorts  

People worldwide choose chinos since they are the best designed short among all other types of shorts. When made of cotton twill cloth in a single color, they are sometimes referred to as walking shorts or knee-length shorts. It is best for casual or semi-casual settings since it is form-fitting, trendy, and tight. Its long side pockets, rear pocket, zipper, and button serve as fasteners for closing.  

Summing Up  

Shorts are evergreen garments for men and women that will continue to trend, especially in the summer. The shorts in this post are the most common types, but there are many other types available that buyers can choose as per their preferences and requirement.  

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