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7 Mobile Phone Apps To Improve Social Media Selfies

Social Media Selfies

Taking selfies is no longer something that you just do for fun; it’s quite the art form that even has its own hashtags on social media. With #selfie, #selfietime, #selfiesunday, and #selfportrait people post the most beautiful pictures of themselves on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. The picture might look casual enough, but nothing is further from the truth. Taking a good selfie can take hours and hundreds of snaps before one picture makes the cut. And that is even before editing and filters. Yes, all those beautiful influencers have apps to step up their selfie game. Do you want to know their secrets? We will share 7 apps with you that you can use to improve your selfies.

Facetune 2

If you want an app with which you can quickly edit your photos, Facetune 2 is the choice for you! With the app, you can simply edit and adjust colors, lighting, unwanted shadows, glares, and saturation. Pro tip: if you use a selfie ring light you won’t have to edit this much. The ring light gives off the best possible lighting for your pictures without creating harsh lines or shadows on your face. But even then Facetune 2 can come in handy. You can even correct your skin, teeth, hair, eyes, and make-up! The interface makes the app really easy to use.


The VSCO app has become so popular over the years that it has its own hashtags. It has some great presets that you can use to make your photos stand out, but you can also edit your photos with some really great features. The filters in the app are easy to use and you can copy your editing settings for future projects. This can help you to create a cohesive feed or a specific personal style. VSCO doesn’t offer any tools for beautifying, but the other options more than makeup for that.


Another commonly used app for editing is AirBrush. This app gives you different beautifying options, like fixing up blemishes, adjusting the skin tone, and whitening your teeth. But it can do so much more than just that. AirBrush has a lot of different editing features and even has different filters that you can use on your selfies.


Afterlight is a very popular, and free, app for editing photos before posting them on social media. The app has a lot of different filters that you can use freely, but it also has some great editing features to take your picture to the next level. The app is very easy to use and is often recommended by Instagrammers. 


If you are looking for a more diverse app to not only edit, but also add some great effects and extra’s, Retrica is the app for you! With Retrica you can edit your app and use different filters on your selfies. But it also offers some unique options, like creating collages, using timestamps, and adding text. You can create some great content with the app and share it directly on social media.

YouCam Perfect

With YouCam Perfect you have a really good tool for editing not only photos but also videos for social media or private use. The app has quite a lot of beautifying options, like an eye-enhancing function, a teeth whitener, and a blemish remover, but it also has some pro editing features. And if you want to decorate your selfie more, you can use YouCam Perfect for adding stickers, filters, text, or special effects.


We know that Snapchat is not really an editing app, but if you like to have some fun with your selfies, this is the place to be. On Snapchat, you can take some great pictures or videos and you have a very large selection of fun filters and AR features to play with. You don’t even have to be an active user on Snapchat. You can simply save the video or picture for yourself or use it on another social media platform.


In addition to the 7 apps mentioned above, there is one further solution to improve your selfie game. This is to use a selfie ring light to add a warm or white tone to your image. Using a tool such as a selfie ring light reduces the editing needed in post-production. Just add your favorite app filter and post online.

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