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7 mobile app ideas for business

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Before we share possible options for business application ideas, let’s look at the types depending on the user needs they satisfy:

  1. Choice Assistant. The purpose of such applications is to make it as easy as possible for customers to choose. To choose the service or product that would suit them best.
  1. business tasks. The essence of such applications is to optimize the time of the installer. These can be organizers, project management services, and internal corporate applications in which business processes are automated.

Quick service. To buy a ticket, book a hotel, transfer money to another account – all these tasks can be performed by applications aimed at remote service. That is, by installing such an application, your customer can very quickly carry out all the necessary operations related to your company, where it is convenient for him, without the need to come in person to the office or go to the website.

  1. Entertainment. Games, quizzes, and all kinds of fun to “kill time” – all these applications are in demand, and you can use the power of entertainment for the benefit of your company.

It is equally important to define the business goal you plan to achieve with a mobile app. It makes sense that everyone wants to boost sales, but beyond that, there are related options:

Provide ease of customer interaction with the company

automate business processes within the company

enhance company image

Increase the number of positive word of mouth (conversations about the brand).

And now I present to you 7 ideas that you can use for your own mobile applications.

1 Online christian dating site.

The best idea is to create a niche dating service with little competition. Where advertising will not cost a lot of money, but the income will be huge.

2 Virtual fitting room.

The mechanics of the action is simple – choose the thing you like, combine it with a photo taken on your phone, and watch the result. If your target audience is women, this mobile fitting room will be a powerful tool to increase conversions.

3 Image Builder.

A game format for presenting your store’s products is the image constructor. It is possible to make a selection both with and without uploading your own photo, simply by combining different closet items.

4 Automator of business processes

This can be an application for internal corporate use. Uploading financial reports, managing tasks, optimizing time spent on a project, a calendar of meetings for all managers, and sales schedules – the application can have almost everything you need to automate your business processes.

5 Pocket Accountant.

If your company is related to finance (banks, accounting services, financial accounting, and auditing), you can make a “Home Accountant” style app where users can keep track of their expenses and income to develop an image in the masses. Such apps are quite popular, and why not add something innovative to such an idea, displacing the competition?

6 Developmental Apps.

You can make such an app that will develop the user. There is, for example, an app called “Word of the Day” in which every day a person gets a new, little-known word and its interpretation. Imagine how you can help your customers learn something new and get better. It could be a goal generator, a task book, or a set of little-known facts – there are plenty of options.

7 Branded Games.

You can tie a game script to a brand concept, resulting in a good toy that can become popular. The main thing is that the game should be simple and original at the same time.

This is only a part of possible mobile app ideas for business. Because when developing a concept for an app, it is necessary to study the specifics of the business, the features of the target audience, the brand positioning strategy, and identifying the reference KPIs, according to which the unique variants of app scenarios will be worked out.

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