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7 Innovations Helping People Sleep Better

Our sleep cycle and quality significantly affect our health and well-being.

Every aspect, such as the temperature, duration, positions, etc., is a significant part of a good night’s sleep.

While we have only heard of how tech disrupts sleep, it isn’t easy to think that technology can also improve your sleep quality.

But some technological upgrades help in improving sleep quality. 

Let’s hover through some of them.

  1. Smart Alarms

Smart alarms, also known as sleep-tracking alarms, are apps or devices that use technology to track and analyze your sleep patterns.

These devices or apps help you wake up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle.

Using a smart alarm, you wake up feeling refreshed and alert rather than dizzy or tired.

Such apps also provide stats on your heart rate variability (HRV).

Studies have shown that HRV is important in tracking stress levels and how your body responds to the same.

  1. Blue-Light Shielding

Melatonin in the brain makes a person feel sleepy, and any light entering our eyes reduces its production. Hence, not letting us feel sleepy. 

Although people say that reading books is a great bedtime routine, nowadays, even books have taken the space in our digital devices.

So, keeping away from mobiles and tabs before sleeping seems impossible for some people. 

Protective glasses or shields protect eyes from blue light or any light entering your room at bedtime. Such glasses are the ultimate and cost-effective solution.

These glasses have special red eye shields, which shield blue light.

Wearing them approximately thirty minutes before preparing to sleep will make you drowsy within minutes.

And, even if you use your phone, you will start feeling sleepy.

  1. Cooling Headbands

It is important to keep your body cool while sleeping.

In fact, our sleepiness depends highly on the body temperature, especially the temperature of the brain’s frontal cortex. When the frontal brain cools down, we tend to sleep faster.

As the name suggests, cooling headbands cool down the frontal brain to the right sleeping temperature.

  1. Night Guards

Many people find it difficult to fall asleep because of grinding teeth. This phenomenon is called bruxism.

This can happen due to stress or anxiety and can leave one with devastating effects such as erosion of teeth, sore jaw, and headaches.

This also leads to a lack of good night’s sleep. 

Night Guards are shields for teeth, which provides a protective layer around your teeth so that it does not erode while you grind.

Smile Brilliant’s custom-fitted night guard is the best choice to prevent grinding teeth. Unlike other night guards, these are custom-fitted to fit exactly on your teeth, avoiding rubbing on gums and falling out of the guard.

  1. Sleep Audio

An active or busy brain works at faster wavelengths, which restricts the brain from calming down and sleeping, while a resting brain will have slower wavelengths. Certain wavelengths of sound calm our brains.

Apps or sleep audio impart sound with a suitable wavelength to help your brain reach a calm and slow pace and make you fall asleep.

Such audio can be a composition of music from different instruments or just a vibrating sound. These sound waves work as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to improve sleep patterns in our bodies.

  1. Massagers

Stimulation of certain nerves triggers slowing down the body and making it feel sleepy. One such nerve in our body is the Vagus nerve. 

Massaging devices that stimulate the nerves help our body relax. These devices come in wristbands, headbands, chest devices, pillows, and in many other shapes and sizes with various uses.

  1. Tech-Based Mattress

A mattress should neither be extra rigid nor very soft. It should be just right to comfort your body and not leave it painful.

Smart mattresses or tech mattresses are available that help regulate your sleeping patterns.

They bring down the temperature, which is just right for sleeping. They also monitor your sleeping patterns to know the quality of your sleep.


Sleeping effectively is all about having a ritual. Once you develop a ritual for sleeping, your body gets used to it.

It can be anything from massaging, reading books, lighting a candle, or listening to music.

It should be something different from the activities you do throughout the day so that when you do that activity, your brain knows that it is your sleeping time.

So developing a sleeping ritual is very important. If you still can’t sleep well, you can always use these tech solutions to the rescue.


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