7 Great Pieces of Software for Garden Planning

Planning a beautiful garden doesn’t have to be a headache. With the right software, it can be easy and enjoyable! Explore these seven tools designed specifically for creating the perfect outdoor space — from simple layouts to complex projects.

GrowVeg Garden Planner

GrowVeg Garden Planner is a user-friendly software that’s perfect for beginners as per Earth Scape SL who sells coir grow bags. This tool offers easy drag-and-drop plant placement, an in-depth plant database with accompanying care tips, and simple sharing options to display your project. Plus, it has more detailed features such as planting schedules and products lists for larger projects.


SproutIt is another helpful tool for garden planning, best suited for the design pro. This website features a wide range of features such as customizable layouts, soil enrichment recommendations, weather report integration and sharing options. SproutIt’s automated watering schedule tools provide easy graphing capabilities and notifications to keep your project on track. You can even add in notes and photos throughout the process. You may have some pretty big ideas for your garden this year, but do you know how to make them happen? If not, that’s where these awesome garden planning apps can help. Working on a budget? Many of these popular apps are free, although some do come with a minimal upfront cost, while others have recurring monthly or subscription fees. Search these apps for information on a number of topics


GreenSprouts is a user-friendly garden planning software that makes it fast and easy to design your perfect garden according to your worth. Their drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly create professional-looking designs and then customize them with paths, trees, lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens and much more. As you create your plan you can compare results with data on sunlight, soil type and water usage. Once complete, the software even invites you to share your amazing work with a friend or family member – making GreenSprouts an ideal choice for gardening newbies.

Home Outside

Home Outside offers a more detailed, 3D garden design service compared to other software solutions. It provides an intuitive interface that helps you plan decking, walls and terraces, as well as complex paths network where you can test out different ideas. You can also control the lighting and shadows of your outdoor dream with the advanced shadow casting features. Bring your garden to life with lifelike plants that cling to hillsides, stretch towards the sky and twist around in unexpected patterns – all brought to life by Home Outside’s realistic 3D modeling system.


Plan-a-Garden from Better Homes and Gardens makes designing a garden easy with its clickable interface. This software allows you to drag and drop hundreds of plants to sketch out a perfect plan for your flowerbeds, borders, and lawns. With Plan-a-Garden, you can also save your designs for further editing down the road, making it a great tool for long-term planning of your landscape. And if you’re stuck for ideas, it includes sample plans from other users that could spark new ideas.


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