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The FinTech Center of S.Korea held the 20th FinTech Demo Day, 7 FinTech companies introduced their new FinTech services

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An artificial intelligence platform company, MINDs Lab, Ltd (CEO Taejun Yoo) said that it will advance to the US market in full scale with an artificial intelligence and big data based customer center analysis solution, MINDs VOC. The MINDs Lab, as its first step, plans to sign an official vendor agreement with a large US electronic goods company and sign MOU’s with many local companies.

MINDs VOC is a software that automates repetitive works of service representatives based on AI technologies such as voice recognition and text analysis and adds effectiveness to the works. By analyzing enormous amount of data, it could detect and manage customers’ complaints and potential threats. Furthermore, it could monitor every consultations through voice recognition function in real time, and it could also find out fundamental causes and ways to improve general process of customer service operation.

MINDs VOC has been already adopted by many call centers of local large companies and recognized its technology and performance. MINDs Lab is actively supplying various solutions based on AI platform to companies in different areas. Moreover, it speeds up to developing the north American markets by cooperating local investors and partners based on US corporation of the MINDs Lab in New York.

MINDs Lab, besides MINDs VOC, also provide various customer center solutions including a real-time consultant support system, MINDs RS(Realtime Scripting) and a quality control automation solution, MINDs QC(Quality Assurance. MINDs RS is solution to analyze customers’ intention while a call is in progress and, by proving proper answers to a consultant, to reduce unnecessary waiting times, and it has been adopted by a large US electronics company. For MINDs QC, it showed operation effectiveness raised by 47% through foreign insurance company projects, and proved that it was the optimum solution for the insurance company’s quality control business.

A MINDs Lab employee said, “Various AI solutions of the MINDs Lab, including MINDs VOC, have been made based on AI platform composed of ten’s of powerful AI engines,” and “since the solutions of the MINDs Lab, which is showing high technology, could be adopted in various areas regardless of industries, we hope that it could be used to raise business effectiveness and customer satisfaction in more areas.”

– Inquiries: Manager, Eunjee Lee / +82-31-625-4344 /

PayPerse, Ltd.

Dynamic QR code based Customer driven Mobile Payment Service

PayPerse, Ltd. (CEO, Seongwon Lee) announced that it was doing mobile payment service business based on patented technology owned by PayPers with First Payment, who is doing offline PG business in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Since the mobile payment service using dynamic QR code, which is patented by PayPerse, does not require affiliated stores any specific devices other than regular smart phone, it is a mobile payment technology for even extremely small business owners to provide customers mobile payment services.

Although Alipay, WeChat Pay and others have been already widely known to use QR codes for mobile payment, while these services only transmit bank accounts on QR codes to customers, PayPerse is a mobile payment service transmitting customers’ orders, various discount services and membership service information to customers, then customers finally could ask bank to pay.

The mobile payment service of PayPerse, just like large distribution businesses like department stores collecting customers’ buying information and using it to marketing, makes banks collect, store and process mobile card use data of customers, and provide it to companies as data product for services like product recommendations. Thus it grabs attention from the market as a mobile payment service, which could provide value that they have never experienced before to all of affiliated stores, banks and customers.

PayPerse is expected to make a stepping stone to advance to markets of each Asian countries, which are preparing to go to major overseas markets through business cooperation with the First Payment.

Furthermore, since recently a payment technology related standardization organization, EMVco, announced a standard on QR codes, we could get over with an idea that using QR code is a service provided by few Chinese companies, and it is expected that mobile payment services using QR codes, which does not have any dependent relationship with smartphone production and OS supply companies, could be more generalized.

– Inquiries: CEO, Seongwon Lee / +82-10-9219-5433 /

AIZEN Global

Easy and Fast AI Analysis and Decision Making Solution, “AI Finance Platform ABACUS”

AIZEN Global (CEO, Jeongseok Kang) provides financial institutes analysis automation and optimum decision making solution through a model predicting personal behavioral pattern based on machine learning/deep learning technology. It also announced that it would provide behavioral pattern prediction model as Plug&Play form for each function and product for financial institutes to use easily, fast and simply.

Although AI technologies such as chatbot and robo-advisors are being adopted in the financial market, it is difficult find a case for those to be adopted on Mid & Back Up process, which controls the financial institute’s inner decision making. ABACUS, provided by AIZEN Global, is a solution enabling auto pilot of financial institutions by innovatively improving operation automation and cost structures through adopting AI technologies to the whole process of finance.

Especially, the model of AIZEN Global is getting attention as more precise prediction model technology by adopting Ensemble technique, which automatically calculate added value for each algorithm to secure optimum prediction, and deep learning LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) algorithm.

The technology of AIZEN Global, which reflects the characteristics of financial data, in which the past prediction model affects the future model in circle, has been officially recognized its innovative technology by receiving the Minister’s Award of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (currently Ministry of Science and ICT) along with Samsung Electronics, Korea Citi Bank and KT on last May.

In fact, as a result of adopting ABACUS of AIZEN Global, it showed results of 18.2% increase in new customer securement, 27.6% reduction in dangerous customer group and 20% added profits; thus, it proved the profit creation effects of companies.

Currently, AIZEN Global is developing new product that applying AI technologies on private limits and interests rates on mobile loan products in cooperation with Woori Bank. The technologies of AIZEN Global is getting attention not only from Korea but also, especially, in overseas. It is currently residing at the Fino Lab, which is the biggest FinTech lab in Japan, and expanding its business territories with global partners in Taiwan, Singapore and the UK fast.

– Inquiries: Director, Hyeree Jang / +82-70-7008-0020 /

Infosonic, Ltd.

Bar Code? QR Code?? Sonic Code !!!

1. Service provider transmit a bill to a user through a speaker 2. User’s mobile device receives the bill through a microphone and verifies it 3. Transaction completes

Inforsonic (CEO, Hoon Taek Cho) announced that is would do Sonic Wallet live demo service and free test promotion as a launching event of the Sonic Code Solution.

The Sonic Code Solution, which is developed and commercialized by the Infosonic, is a short range wireless communication solution, which pays or verifies users by recognizing non-audible soundwave at every mobile device. For example of sonic code use in mobile payment, a vendor transmits sales breakdown soundwave to buyer’s mobile device, then a buyer receives it through mobile microphone by automatically operating the vendor mobile application even in lock screen phase.

In technology, it is the characteristic of the Sonic Code that it has absolutely superior technology over existing similar technology companies with having 218 trillion sonic codes, 0.2 seconds of recognition speed and 99.999994% of error detection rate.

It goes beyond the offline market, which is the limit of NFC or QR codes, which is widely used in the existing mobile payment, and could be used equally on and offline, and no extra infrastructure cost is needed to use it; therefore, it is quite attractive to mobile verification and payment businesses, which would like to increase their businesses from online to offline or offline to online market.

Especially, since it could be used in any mobile device regardless of specifications and has high security with 2 channel and reverse direction payment, businesses from South East Asia and Africa, which has relatively less financial infrastructures, shows high interest and participates in promotion.

Sonic Code goes beyond mobile payment and could be used in various fields such as electronic personal verification through mobile and IoT trigger technology, and since, as the characteristics of the solution, it has no regional limits, we expect it to be positioned as model technology to replace NFC and QR codes as new generation short range wireless communication solution.

– Inquiries: Manager, Irene / +82-70-4006-4243 /


Big data based Custom Investment Design Supporter, “ZIP Advisor”

While the Government’s real estate policies are being announced everyday, both house owners and people without houses have deeper concerns. Real estate not only takes up 80% of the household assets, but also has many things to consider such as private taxes and finance as well as the market prediction; thus, it needs private consultation with experts. However, professional real estate consultation with bank PB or tax accountants is not easy to do.

The world’s first real estate robo-advisor service, ZipAdvisor, which is being prepared by a real estate big data company, Triplenet Soft and a FinTech company, Zip Fund, provides personal custom real estate information based on the data on 8.5 million apartments in Korea by inputting only address and investment analysis and advise. Furthermore, it is about to launch a service to give objective help on important decision making such as when and how to buy or sell a house, and whether to lease or buy, and an asset management service. Unlike the existing real estate service, which a customer should collect information on each apartment, it provides ‘smart checking’ function, which could find every apartments a customer wants and compare them.

CEO Seong Tae Nam, who is preparing the ‘ZipAdvisor’ service, is a real estate expert, who has Columbia University master’s degree in real estate and CCIM, which is a professional qualification of international real estate investment analysis, has worked at the Cushman & Wakefield and a real estate investment firm in New York, and is actively working to do lectures on ‘the 4th Industrial Revolution and Real Estate’ at an international forum and at local real estate graduate schools. He is also a power blogger to tell various real estate stories on the Kakao Brunch Blog.

The Triplenet Soft, which is a technology based start-up selected on the ‘K-Global 300,’ which is heavily nurtured by the Ministry of Science, and the DB-Stars of the Data Promotion Center, announced, “we plan to introduce the ZipData service, which is a solution to help apply and screen secured loans online at online banking according to the rapid growth of the internet-only-bank.”

– Inquiries: Manager, Minkyun Kim / +82-2-553-6369 /

The Coder, Ltd.

DOT! Apply data on every things of the world

The Coder (CEO Haengwoon Park) signed MOU’s with various global companies such as Midea (China: white electronics company) and Tag Time (USA) and discussing on how to build various services by adding data on related products with them.

The Coder, Ltd. has a technology to insert and scan encrypted digital codes on things and sounds, and it is a next generation IoT technology cheaper than IoT through chips, and could be applied in various industry fields.

It could collect data using generalized devices or smart devices with invisible and inaudible digital coding technologies (image coding, sound coding), and collected data could be expanded to various markets through big data analysis.

It has made various business models such as ‘Biz Popcorn,’ ‘Paper Pie’ and ‘Smart Menu’ using image coding and sound coding technologies, and is in the process of cooperation with large corporations, and it also plans to do various businesses such as marketing and security (forgery prevention, authentication).

Starting from a simple concept of adding data on every things and trying to add data on various things except water and provide many services, The Coder, Ltd. is doing their best to make more convenient and joyful world, and it is a company to create innovative market of the 4th Industrial Revolution by providing new IoT platform to the global marketing/security market.

– Inquiries: Sangwon Hwang Brian / Manager / +82-31-949-0907 /

GCOD Innovation, Inc.

Passwordless PASSCON Verification and Digital Signature Solution

GCOD Innovation is a company to develop and provide PASSCON verification solution and verification service providing security function and easy functions to satisfy both users and service providers by realizing the passwordless.

Our PASSCON verification method executes multi-factor based digital signature verification using specific picture selected by a user and secret icon selected by a user on icon dashboard, which replaces keyboard.

Therefore, it fundamentally eliminates every security defects of existing password, and provides super simple verification of touching icon on dashboard. Furthermore, by adding PKI digital signature function, it is a solution with wide range of application such as IoT area as well as finance, FinTech, electronic commerce, block chain and virtual currency.

We plan to develop and distribute a Login Manage App for private users to combine many existing passwords to simple one PASSCON id using PASSCON. If you use this service, customers could use every internet and mobile applications safely and easily with only one PASSCON Login Manage ID and Master PASSCON icon key.

GCOD Innovation, Inc. will be the World Changer by bringing forward and realizing a world without passwords.

– Inquiries: Yonghoon Lim/ +82-2-717-5501 /

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