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7 Finest Link Building Strategies for SEO in 2022

The best link-building service refers to the practice of making one-way hyperlinks (backlinks) to a site to enhance search engine visibility. Google does not simply analyze the page contents anymore and looks at how many sites get linked to that page. 

Thus, links are as necessary for your SEO ranking as they were five years ago. They determine the quality of a webpage, and therefore, Google takes backlinks as one of its most important ranking signals. So, what are the strategies you should adopt for link-building this year? Let’s find out.

1. Make Use of Link Reclamation Tactics

Link reclamation is about finding removed or broken links to your website and replacing and fixing them with updated URLs. It is mandatory to make the most out of the link profile and maintain your SEO rankings.

One of the best parts of reclaiming a broken link is that it is easier to have a site owner change existing links than getting them to include new links. It is especially true in terms of fixing broken links. Breaking links on the page is terrible for SEO and user experience.

2. Try Opting For Blogger Outreach Strategies

Linkflow’s link-building service can be instrumental in your link-building initiatives for SEO. You need to get in touch with popular blogging websites or bloggers and ask them to strategically use your link in their blogs. 

If nobody sees your link in the first place, there will be no growth, which is where link outreach strategies come into the picture. Strategic placement of your site’s links in relevant, high-quality articles can do wonders in bringing more people to your web pages. You will see its impact of it on the conversion rates of your site.

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3. Build Excellent and Lasting Relationships

You have to work on building good relationships for effective link-building. Plenty of opportunities exist to help you make new contacts. It is an excellent idea for niche-based communities like social groups, blogs, or forums. Take the first step and start offering relevant posts and comments, offering contextual insights to every discussion.

Active participation in online communities based on your niche will help you get some great backlinks. Additionally, you’ll gain access to the latest industry news and get in touch with people who share your interests.

4. Create a Dedicated Job Listing Board

If you want to earn high-quality contextual backlinks to your website, create an ‘industry opportunities’ board. It is a valuable link-baiting asset, though it is a work-intensive approach to gaining SEO ranks.

When job openings by top companies appear on the website, the job board will start gaining popularity. It is good to reach out to the college career centers that provide relevant courses to the industry. You can request them to include your job board on the career resource pages of the college websites to increase inbound links.

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5. Give Testimonials to Help In Link Building

Testimonial link building offers a win-win scenario. Most businesses allow you to say a few words about your experience using their goods. On the one hand, offering testimonials is the perfect way to build customer trust. 

And on the other hand, it is an excellent opportunity for you to receive potential traffic and backlink from that site. Usually, it has a much higher approval rate than the standard link request emails. Those companies get another testimonial to put on their website while you receive another backlink.

6. Pay Attention to How You Design Your Content

You need to create a high-end content piece and improve its visual appeal and readability by hiring a professional designer. It can also help create brand awareness when graphic designs are used across social networks. 

Several tools help you design your content, even if you have basic or no idea about coding. Though there is no denying that the quality of content you present is necessary, the presentation aspect cannot be overlooked, as well, in this case.

7. Get Your Site Listed In Popular Directories

Multiple online directories offer no actual value to the users, and the search engines have excluded them from the first results page. You would not want your website to feature on one of such pages. 

Some online directories can do a world of good for your site. You need a directory that allows you to post links to the website and offer valuable details to potential customers. Directories attached to informative sites for a particular industry and niche directories are good choices in this matter.


You now have eight strategies in your hand that you can use to fine-tune your link-building initiatives. Other than these, using infographics and being active on social media can help you consistently produce organic traffic. Share as many posts, images, or videos as you want to target the correct audience. Opting for a broken link policy is also brilliant if you lack time to create your content. You can tweak these ideas per your website’s requirements and your business’s needs. 



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