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7 Factors to Consider In Choosing a Residential Roofing Contractor

Owning a home and living in Sarasota, Florida, comes with the responsibility of choosing a residential roofing expert. Your roof shields your home from the weather conditions of Florida, such as hurricanes and heavy rains. It’s crucial to find a contractor who can install a long lasting roof.

Let’s examine six factors to keep in mind when selecting a roofing contractor in Sarasota.


When it comes to your roof’s well-being, it’s essential to pick a contractor with experience in roofing. Opt for a company that has a standing presence in the industry and is known for delivering quality workmanship. I’ve personally witnessed the impact of this experience. My parents’ house faced roof damage during Hurricane Irma in 2017, and they chose a new roofing firm for repairs. Unfortunately, within a year, the roof started leaking. They eventually had to hire a contractor to redo the job.

Licensing and insurance are considerations when selecting a contractor. In Florida, all roofing contractors must hold a state license, which guarantees they have the required training and skills to carry out roofing tasks safely and efficiently. It’s also essential to verify that the contractor has both liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. This safeguards you from liability in the event of worker injuries while working on your property or damage caused by the contractor.

Don’t hesitate to request proof of licensing and insurance from the contractor. A reputable professional will gladly provide copies of their insurance certificates and licensing details. If a contractor hesitates or fails to furnish this information, it should raise a flag.

Quality Materials and Workmanship

The quality of materials and workmanship employed on your roof significantly influences its durability and lifespan. Using materials might seem like an idea at first to save money, but in the long run, they could end up costing you more as they may require frequent replacements. Similarly, poor craftsmanship can result in issues such as leaks and drafts over time.

When selecting roofing contractors, inquire about the brands and types of materials they utilize. Opt for contractors who rely on roofing brands known for their longevity and performance. 

Regarding workmanship, seek out contractors who employ roofers with expertise and back their work with warranties and assurances. Roof installation is a task that demands precision, meticulousness and a deep understanding of roofing practices. It’s not something amateurs should tackle.

Reviews from Customers and Referrals

One effective approach to assessing the competence of a contractor is by checking out feedback from clients. Platforms like Better Business Bureau and Google provide access to homeowner reviews and ratings.

Take some time to explore reviews for Sarasota-based roofing contractors. Focus on companies with ratings and favorable comments from satisfied customers. When evaluating a contractor, it’s important to take note of feedback regarding the work quality, professionalism of the team, and overall customer satisfaction.

Apart from checking reviews, consider requesting references from the contractor’s clients. On the other hand, ensure the contractor offers labor warranties. A reliable contractor should be able to furnish you with a list of customers who can vouch for the excellence of their work. Personally, I always reach out to a couple of references before hiring a contractor. It reassures me to hear from someone who has experience with them.

Ensuring Warranties and Guarantees

Investing in a roof is significant, so ensuring its protection is crucial. Seek out roofing contractors that offer warranties for both materials and labor. A reputable contractor will back their work. Be ready to address any issues that may arise.

The manufacturer typically offers material warranties. Cover defects in the roofing materials themselves. These warranties can vary from 20 years to a lifetime, depending on the product. It’s essential to understand what is included and excluded under the manufacturer’s warranty.

On the other hand, the contractor offers labor warranties. Maintain the quality of the installation work. These warranties usually range from one to ten years. Make sure you have an understanding of what the project covers and how long it will take. 

Some contractors might also provide assurances, like a leak guarantee or a satisfaction guarantee with a money-back option. While these can offer reassurance, carefully go through the details. Grasp any restrictions or exceptions.

Local Knowledge 

Florida has its own building codes and permit requirements, so it’s crucial to select a contractor who is well versed in and compliant with these rules. Local contractors with experience in Sarasota will understand what it takes to ensure your roof meets all regulations.

For instance, New Wave Roofing has been serving the Sarasota community since 2004. They are familiar with the building codes and have relationships with local suppliers and permitting offices, which leads to a more streamlined roofing process for homeowners like you.


In addition to compliance, another important aspect to consider is the contractor’s dedication to safety and following all regulations. Roofing projects can be risky, so it’s essential that the team working on your property is properly trained and equipped to work safely.

When searching for contractors, it’s essential to find ones that give priority to safety and have a history in this aspect. Inquire about their safety procedures and training initiatives. Do they hold safety meetings? Do they equip their team with all the safety equipment? It’s crucial to avoid contractors who compromise on safety when working on your home.

Adhering to safety measures not only safeguards the workers but also shields you as the homeowner from potential legal liabilities. If a worker gets injured on your premises due to the contractor’s negligence, you could be held accountable. This underscores the significance of selecting a contractor who values safety.

Communication and customer service are factors in ensuring a successful roofing process, regardless of a contractor’s experience or expertise level. Seek out contractors who prioritize prompt communication while being attentive to your needs and concerns.

From the consultation through the final inspection, your contractor should keep you updated on the status of your roofing project. They should be accessible for any queries you may have and ready to address any arising issues. Following completion of the job, they should check in with you to confirm your satisfaction with their work.

I always appreciate it when a contractor takes the time to explain things and shows interest in ensuring my satisfaction with the final outcome. It’s the gestures like returning phone calls and being punctual for appointments that truly enhance the overall customer experience.

Project Timelines

It’s important to assess how efficiently a contractor works and their ability to minimize disruptions to your routine during a project. Given that such projects can be undertaken, it’s crucial to ensure they are completed swiftly and seamlessly.

When interviewing contractors, inquire about their project schedules. How they handle unforeseen delays, such as inclement weather conditions. Will they be dedicated to working on your roof until the project is finished? What measures will they take to safeguard your property from debris and harm throughout the process?

Selecting a contractor who can provide you with a timeline for completion and has contingency plans for addressing any obstacles that may arise is essential. Nobody wants a roofing job that drags on for weeks or even months beyond the estimated timeframe.

Choose the Right Residential Roofing Contractor

Choosing the right residential roofing contractor is an important decision. Taking these seven crucial factors into account, you can make your selection confidently.

When searching for a contractor, it’s essential to find someone with experience with licenses and insurance and a dedication to using quality materials and providing top notch work. Checking out customer reviews and requesting references can give you insight into their reputation. 

It’s important to confirm that they offer warranties and guarantees, possess expertise, prioritize safety and compliance, communicate well, and excel in customer service. Opt for a contractor who can work efficiently while minimizing any disruptions. By selecting a contractor who fulfills all these requirements, you can ensure a roofing project that will safeguard your home for years to come.

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