7 College Majors for Generation Z

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Generation Z is known to be the most creative of all, especially because they have been born when the internet was already flourishing. Constant and instant access to any information makes Gen Z more aware of the surroundings and the environments, but also about themselves. They are similar to Millennials in many ways, but we might say that they are more tech-savvy. 

There is no time in the memory of Generation Z when the internet was nonexistent, which makes them the generation looking for creative jobs. Are you wondering what college major to choose for studying? Here are seven options well suited for Generation Z. 

1) Game Designer

Generation Z is a creative and tech-savvy one. A lot of youngsters are passionate about video games and they have ideas on their side. So, why not start a college major in game design? The industry of video games is constantly thriving and there are new opportunities available. Generation Z is known to have a passion for games, so being a game designer, a game programmer, or a game artist could satisfy the need to innovate and change something this generation has. Writers from the best essay writing service recommend Generation Z consider a major in a field related to games as it is a nice environment where you can unleash your imagination.

2) Mobile App Development 

Another field where Generation Z individuals would excel. Mobile app development is flourishing, just as other fields deeply related to technology. We now have smartphones that help us keep connected with each other, access files in an instant, take photos, and so on. But there are a lot of apps that ease our life. For example, there are mobile apps that help us get more exercise, learn a foreign language, keep track of the calories we eat, and so on. So, this is one of the college majors for Generation Z, that offers exactly what they want: flexibility and change. 

3) Cybersecurity 

As technology is developing and expanding more and more, cyber security becomes of utter importance. Identity thefts are only rising and there is an increased need for data protection. We can easily see how many data leaks happened in the last couple of years, so cyber security is a domain that will become more and more complex. This is a fast-growing career that offers Generation Z the intellectual stimulation they want.

4) Marketing 

Marketing is developing along with technology, just like many other domains. Every field relies highly on marketing. Businesses need marketing to increase their brand awareness and promote their services. Educational institutions need marketing to promote the learning opportunities within their campuses. Generation Z knows everything about the internet, especially about social media. They would be excellent marketing managers, as they have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. 

5) Animation and Graphic Design 

As Generation Z is very creative, you can use your creativity not only in the field of game development but in many other fields as well. Graphic designers are needed in every niche as they have the talent and imagination to create amazing designs for posters, flyers, and so on. Animation and graphic design are essential parts of marketing, so they would make amazing choices as college majors for Generation Z. 

6) Environmental Science 

The world is changing at a fast pace. Humanity has put a strain on the environment and now climate change and global warming are threatening the security on Earth. Greta Thunberg, from Generation Z, is the one who started the global movement Fridays for Future which aims to raise awareness of the environmental threats we are facing. Generation Z is a generation that wants change and is not afraid to take the bull by its horns. So, studying environmental science would be a great choice. 

7) Psychology and Counseling 

Psychology and counseling are two of the fields that catch the attention of youngsters. As they are more self-aware than their predecessors, they want to understand how the mind works. Or why people behave differently. Well, psychology and counseling would be a great college major choice. It helps you discover more about yourself, but also adopt a healthy perspective on the world and people’s behavior. You can even get dissertation assistance, as you will need to do thorough research. I usually got the help of professionals to write my essay and learn from the best. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are just graduating from school and started thinking about what career to choose, a lot of thoughts and options might run through your head. Generation Z is known to be creative, tech-savvy, and determined to make a change in the world. So, these seven are the most suited college major choices for this generation, as it helps them meet their needs. On top of this, some jobs might match exactly the principles of youngsters of this generation, which is exactly what they might be looking forward to.

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