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7 Business Tips: Elijah Norton Of Veritas Global Protection

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Few entrepreneurs have attained the level of business success that Elijah Norton has attained in less than a decade. Elijah’s success story is an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs.

Elijah Norton, the President and Executive Chairman of Veritas Global Protection, is a successful entrepreneur, influencer, innovator, and business leader. His business, Veritas Global Protection, provides dealerships with vehicle protection services, vehicle protection plans, car service contracts, and other services.

Elijah started his business journey in 2011 when he launched a direct marketing business. At first, the marketing call center had only two employees, but the business multiplied to generate $10 million annually.

Elijah now oversees three enterprises whose combined annual revenue is $75 million. This success can only be attributed to Norton’s deep industry knowledge and passion for excellent customer service.

Norton uses every opportunity to teach others how to thrive in business. Here are Elijah Norton’s thoughts on business success and tips for growing your business.

1. Success is a Journey

According to Elijah, success doesn’t happen overnight; it is a journey. Elijah Norton learned this lesson when he launched his call center startup in 2011 with only two employees.

During the first two years of launching the business, he had to surmount multiple challenges that almost made him close the business and abandon his entrepreneurial journey.

However, he persevered and successfully steered the business through this challenging period. In the third year, the business turned a profit; from then on, revenue snowballed up to where the business was generating millions.

Elijah Norton can’t emphasize enough that success takes time and resilience because entrepreneurs often face multiple challenges to attain success.

2. Embrace Challenges

According to Elijah, entrepreneurs should take challenges head-on. Challenges provide an opportunity for growth. Therefore, entrepreneurs should view them positively.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs have the misconception that they’ll attain instant success. But, the reality is that business is tricky, and entrepreneurs have to face disappointments and challenges.

With every dawn, Elijah Norton knows that the day will present new challenges, and his business’s role is to tackle those challenges. According to Norton, the auto protection sector is full of unethical businesses that rip off clients.

Elijah started Veritas Global Protection to deal with these unethical practices and provide excellent customer service.

3. Provide Customer Service

According to Elijah, customers are the most crucial business asset. So customers should always be treated with respect, honesty, and transparency. Elijah Norton strives to provide customers with an exceptional experience. His company continually innovates when it comes to meeting clients’ needs.

To Elijah, if his business fails to meet even a single customer’s expectations, that concerns the revaluation of internal processes. He continually seeks customers’ feedback regarding their experience with the company’s products and services.

According to Elijah, feedback is a treasure-trove of vital data that helps him continually improve his business’s customer service.

4. Build a Great Team

Elijah Norton has an excellent team that helps him pursue his goals. According to Elijah, achieving significant business milestones takes a team. So he always surrounds himself with talented and driven individuals.

Besides, he has cultivated a culture of free exchange of ideas where each team member can openly communicate. Elijah wants his employees to view him as a colleague, not as the boss. He believes that one should hire the right individual first when it comes to bringing the right people on board.

5. Effective Management of Employees

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Every business leader should be professional and effective when discharging their duties. Elijah Norton believes that employees only need to work during the hours outlined in the employment contracts, and they should get their wages on time.

Moreover, employees should only be assigned duties in their area of competence as outlined in the employment contract. For instance, some employers are known to assign their clerical staff cleaning duties without extra pay.

This can ruin team member relationships and lower morale. Professional cleaners should handle such duties. By fostering a decent and professional work environment, workers will be happier and more productive.

6. Leverage Technology

Technology is continually shifting in all sectors of the economy. According to Elijah Norton, for businesses to remain relevant and competitive, they should adopt the newest technologies.

Technology can also help cut costs and thus boost the bottom line. Elijah believes entrepreneurs should fully enable their workers to utilize the latest technologies. For instance, entrepreneurs should have training programs that offer employees the knowledge and skills required to use the industry’s latest technologies.

Ideally, adopting new technology shouldn’t make some workers redundant. Business owners should figure out how to run an efficient, sustainable, and profitable enterprise without losing some employees.

7. Stay Innovative

According to Elijah, entrepreneurs should always be innovative and stay ahead of the shifts in the market. This means business owners must continually develop new business offerings, rebrand when necessary, and embrace new technology to remain competitive.

Elijah Norton believes that, in business, if you stagnate, you’ll lose your clients as well as valuable employees. You should strive to be innovative and invest in upgrading your employees’ skills and knowledge.

Veritas Global Protection is known for its exceptional service, from super-fast responses to customers to impressively quick claims processing.

The claims representatives are friendly, competent, and have excellent customer service.  Veritas Global Protection aims to offer outstanding customer experience to their clients worldwide.

Elijah Norton believes that his company’s rapid growth is driven by this continual effort to innovate and provide new ideas and solutions to clients and the commitment to providing an exceptional experience to each customer.

Final Word

Veritas Global Protection works with some of the largest dealer agencies and groups because of the company’s ambition and commitment.

For entrepreneurs, business growth isn’t always rapid, but it’s better to grow steadily than to experience uneven ups and downs. Elijah Norton strives to inspire other business owners who want to thrive and experience business success.

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