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7 Business Functions That Can be Outsourced

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As a business owner or manager, it is easy to get overwhelmed with responsibilities. Delegating may not be something you are used to or comfortable with, but learning how to delegate work properly will be the key to creating and maintaining a successful business without burning out.

By outsourcing some of the key functions that keep your business running smoothly, you can find more time to focus on the bigger picture. Leaving it to the professionals will leave you time and energy to scale your business. And hopefully, help you achieve a healthier work-life balance. Yes, it is possible.

Outsourcing will save you time and stress, and it also provides an expert to complete a task that would otherwise be done by someone who may be taking on responsibilities they are unfamiliar with.

1. Staffing

You know what they say, good help is hard to find. You could spend hours reading resumes and potentially weeks looking for the right person, or you could outsource to a staffing agency.

Staffing agencies usually specialize in a specific field of work, like healthcare or engineering, and have a general location market they know best. Agencies such as IS&T Houston’s answer to IT staffing, are experts at finding your company qualified candidates that are the best for your team.

2. Marketing

Marketing is the gateway to growing and maintaining your business. There are many components of successful marketing, be it social media, ad campaigns, or search engine optimization. A marketing agency will be able to accomplish your goals more efficiently than working on them internally.

These professionals can provide valuable strategies and creative ideas that you may not have thought of otherwise.

3. Human Resources

For small or new businesses, HR responsibilities usually fall on the owner or an executive. Outsourcing HR takes a lot of work off your hands while improving the relationship with your team.

This function is extremely time-consuming as there is a long list of tasks under its umbrella, including managing insurance and benefits, payroll, attendance issues, enforcing compliance, and employee training. One of the faster ways to clear up some time in your workweek is to outsource HR needs to firms that specialize in these responsibilities.

4. Accounting

One of the hardest (if not the hardest) things to learn as a business owner is your accounting. The money has to be exactly right, best to leave it to the experts.

Your business’ accounting needs to be done correctly based on local, state, and federal regulations. Any mistakes could have massive financial consequences.

5. Customer service

Every business has customers, and whether they are happy or not, they will need help and have something to say about it.

Creating repeat customers should be the ultimate goal of any customer service department. Unfortunately, that is not always possible if the workload is too great on your representatives.

Outsourcing is an excellent solution to this. There are a plethora of options for your company’s needs. Choosing a customer service agency that aligns with your target market is best.

6. IT Management

IT is by far the most commonly outsourced function of a business.

For new businesses, you need an expert to set up your devices, your network, and systems specific to your business. It is essential to have your systems running smoothly, or your business can’t operate at total capacity.

Once you’re off the ground, you’ll need “the IT person” to call whenever you and your team have technical issues for on-demand assistance.

Often, there are IT experts that specialize in IT for a specific business sector, like IT for retail or IT for law firms. These IT people are familiar with your particular needs and potential issues.

7. Administration

Virtual assistants can perform various administrative tasks that keep your business organized and efficient. They are becoming more common and are easy to find. They are also one of the least expensive ways to outsource responsibilities.

Especially if you do not need a full-time assistant, a virtual assistant can save you money instead of having an assistant that only works for you. You can pick and choose the tasks you need and when you need them accomplished.

Delegating is Good for Your Business

Letting go may be hard at first, but outsourcing important tasks is crucial for a thriving and growing business. Some of the outsourcing can be used consistently, like accounting, or from time to time, such as an ad campaign.

If your business doesn’t have the capacity for every necessary task, or you just need some things off your plate, consider outsourcing to a specialized company.

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