7 Best Sports Streaming Apps For Android

Sports Streaming.

Fans of any respective sport jump at the opportunity to keep up with the latest action as it unfolds on the pitch. They seek immediate access to the most recent sports score updates. Because of advancements in technology, you have access to all of these pleasures from the comfort of your pocket, on the screen of your device.

There is no shortage of sports streaming apps available, but in order to keep up with your favorite sporting team’s progress in real-time, it’s important to have the finest one on your device.

If you’re seeking the best sports-watching apps on Android, check out the list we’ve compiled below. Most of them arguably offer the best features without charging you anything. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to have fun watching your favorite sports online.

beIN Sports

Founded and maintained by the Qatari media conglomerate beIN, beIN Sports is a global network of sports channels. There has been a significant rise in the commercialization of sports in Qatar thanks primarily to beIN.

The service’s accessibility is one of the factors that sets it apart, making it ideal for sports fans who are constantly on the go. The platform may be used with minimum effort.

Live events on beIN SPORTS can also be accessed with a subscription to a relevant tv service provider. The original broadcast is aired in both English and Spanish. If you have a passion for sports but can’t get enough coverage, download the beIN Sports app and gain access to all of beIN Sports’ channels and websites.


Even if you aren’t a sports person, ESPN is a name most people know.

This popular sports app lets you watch matches from various leagues, including basketball, tennis, football, cricket, and more. ESPN has evolved alongside technological developments. ESPN used to only be available on television, but now it also has a web application as well as applications for iOS and Android.

The app is easy to use and performs adequately at average data speeds. ESPN is a great option if you’re looking for a legitimate way to watch live games online. 


The Walt Disney Company India and Disney Entertainment, both subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company, own and manage the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service, which broadcasts Indian cinema, television, and sports content to viewers in India and around the world.

Football, cricket, hockey, kabaddi, tennis, and badminton, among others, are all viewable with this App. The app is great for catching up on the action even if you missed the actual game. ​​

The ability to watch your favorite programs whenever and wherever you please is the most appealing aspect. Hotstar is a leading contender in the modern streaming market because of its intuitive interface (both mobile and desktop).

Show Sports TV

You can watch hundreds of international sports channels with Show Sports TV, making it one of the greatest sports streaming apps available. Streaming services on smartphones have made it possible to watch live games of cricket, football, rugby, baseball, basketball, and dozens of other sports without ever having to pay a dime to a cable company or an internet service provider.

With a decent internet connection, you can stream all the live channels and videos in high definition.

Those who follow their favorite teams religiously will find this app invaluable. This streaming service boasts wide access to roughly 80 channels of live sporting activities. You can follow the App’s match schedules via push notifications to always know what’s going on.

Oreo TV

If you’re interested in exploring another one of our suggested free streaming services, look no further because Oreo offers the best free streaming services available on the internet. Finding a spot to watch a game is unnecessary as Oreo is an app that allows users to watch live sporting events from the comfort of their couches.

With a broad range of channels to choose from streaming sports and various other programs for free, the main feature of this free android app is that to watch your preferred channels you do not need to sign up for an account. Oreo TV is able to provide a wide variety of videos and offers sports channels among others from nations all over the world, including India. Consequently, its popularity has been skyrocketing.


YipTV is the perfect alternative if you want to cut the lead with your cable company but don’t want to give up your favorite sports shows. With so many distinct live channels, the freemium subscription model is enticing. More than a hundred different live TV stations covering everything from sports to entertainment to news may be found on this rapidly expanding platform. 

Hence, it’s tailor-made to appeal to a wide range of audiences. EuroNews, Bloomberg, Flight Network, BelN Sports, and many more are just some of the highlighted channel offerings.

La Liga TV

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, football fans may watch matches and other material on La Liga TV, an English pay television service. The channel is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom to focus solely on broadcasting matches from a foreign football league.

You can watch every single women’s football game live with this handy app. This app lives up to its name by providing timely information on news, scores, and La League updates. It’s fully functional on both iOS and Android devices, and it makes it simple to watch the entire annual season of matches. Get real-time information on how your favorite club is doing in all the major sports leagues. A feature it has in common with  YouTube, is the “View Video Later” section from which users can revisit their favorite clips at a more convenient time. A free-of-cost app that requires very little storage space on your smartphone.

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