7 Best Bitcoin Mining Software In 2022 [Free Tutorial]

Ten years after Bitcoin’s first success, cryptocurrency mining is still hugely popular. As it is still the most lucrative way to acquire Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts mine their digital coins. The fact that everyone can still mine coins on a PC is the most excellent thing about the cryptocurrency industry (or even a smartphone). If you plan to join the crypto community soon, you need the right software to start something. Here is a thorough assessment of the top 7 mining platforms and applications that you might find appealing if you’re looking for a dependable option.

The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Mining

The most straightforward approach to acquiring tangible digital assets and generating consistent passive income is through bitcoin mining. Blockchain mining technology states that no transaction in the Bitcoin network can be faked. You might forget about privacy-related concerns if you mine Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. The entire procedure is entirely secret. Your money is well-secured on the network of Bitcoin mining computers. You have the fantastic possibility to establish an internet business with fewer expenses thanks to cryptocurrency mining. When it comes to cloud mining for bitcoin, you always have the option to back out of the agreement.

What Is Software For Mining Bitcoin?

You must first choose a specific application or online interface before you can begin mining Bitcoin. You can find Bitcoin mining software built for cryptocurrency mining on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Some work without installation, while most require you to download and install the program. For instance, cloud mining sites do not need you to download any software to mine Bitcoin (except if you run the process on your smartphone with an Android or iOS app).

Top 7 of the Best Bitcoin Mining Software (So Far)

Which Bitcoin mining program will help you earn cryptocurrency most effectively? We examined the seven most powerful and most effective web platforms and applications to assist you in making the best decision.

Bitcoin mining software Best for OS compatibility Our rating
1 – Bytebus Cloud mining, Beginner and experienced users Compatible with any OS, no downloading required 5.0
2 – Awesome Miner Beginner and experienced users Windows 4.9
3 – CGMiner Experienced users Windows, Linux 4.8
4 – Kryptex Miner Users with any experience Windows 4.7
5 – Easy Miner Users with any experience Windows 4.7
6 – Multi Miner Beginner and experienced users Windows, Linux, macOS 4.6
7 – BFGMiner Experienced users Windows 4.5


1 – Bytebus – One of the best cloud mining platform

A fantastic solution that might bring you closer to the professional cryptocurrency industry is the Bitcoin mining program for cloud mining. Bytebus, a user-friendly mining service that allows you to earn Bitcoins without any additional hardware, is the web platform we adore the most.

Bytebus, one of the first companies to provide cloud mining services, was founded in 2018 and enjoyed the trust of more than 360,000 users worldwide. Bytebus’ simplicity is what makes it most practical. To begin working, you are not necessary to download and install any software. Create an account on the platform and rent some hash power to use Bitcoin miners remotely. We may classify Bytebus as free Bitcoin mining software to earn money because the signup process is entirely cost-free. Purchase one of the all-inclusive service packages that do not include any service fees or other charges of a similar sort if you want to rent hash power.


  • Join today and receive $10 right away.
  • Refer friends to receive a 3% bonus.
  • No mining software needs to be downloaded and installed.
  • Compatible with any OS, including Windows.
  • Earn money without investing.
  • Calculator for mining profitability.
  • Rentable Bitcoin miners of many types.
  • Daily payouts quickly.
  • Comprehensive mining statistics.
  • There are no overhead or electricity costs.
  • The knowledgeable crew provides 24/7 customer service.
  • SSL and DDoS are employed to protect the system.


  • $10 – 1 day – $10+$1.
  • $100 – 3 days – $100+$6.
  • $480 – 10 days – $480+$102.
  • $6000 – 50 days – $6000+$7400.
  • The daily returns range from 2% to 10%.

Our rating: 5.0

For more details, you can visit




2 – Awesome Miner

Are you looking for a cryptocurrency mining program with low downtime and efficiency? The ideal option for large-scale Bitcoin miners is Awesome Miner (ASICs and GPUs). This Bitcoin miner for Windows might help you earn more money without significantly investing in mining equipment. For your convenience, the mining program was created with an intuitive built-in interface compatible with the most recent version of Windows and usable from any PC you might use to mine bitcoins.


  • Simple download and installation process; the profit switching tool that helps to optimize mining.
  • Access to Bitcoin mining software by several users from different PCs.
  • SMS and Telegram notifications are sent to users.
  • Extremely efficient firmware for Bitcoin mining.

Two distinct approaches are now supported by Awesome Miner’s Bitcoin mining software to control profit switching for GPU, CPU, and ASIC. All mining pools were manually added to the application, and used the switching tools successfully. The developer included a mining profitability calculator to help customers understand the profit-switching capability and its potential. The ASICs’ power usage display is an additional helpful feature. The crypto miner may control power use by entering electricity costs and making a few other changes to the application settings.

Our rating: 4.9

3 – CGMiner

If you’re an expert cryptocurrency miner, you’ve probably heard a lot about CGMIner, a well-known multi-pool Bitcoin mining program featuring a variety of top mining features. The free mining program appears to be among the better for FPGA and ASIC mining. It might not be the most excellent option for newbies who lack technical and coding knowledge. However, advanced users undoubtedly appreciate this Bitcoin mining program because of its effectiveness and convenience.


  • Software for mining Bitcoin in many threads.
  • Comprehensive statistics in one place.
  • Fixed service commission; there are no additional fees.
  • Manually mining the element for power distribution.
  • A complete, step-by-step video tutorial for consumers.

On the official CGMiner website, you can currently download Bitcoin mining software for Linux and Windows. You must download, unzip, and install Miner to use it. Be aware that you must install the Miner on any computer you plan to use to mine cryptocurrency with this mining program. Follow the step-by-step instructions and video advice to ensure you complete the installation correctly. After the installation, you need to set up the Bitcoin mining software with your system preferences. Notably, mining on GPUs and CPUs is not supported by the CGMiner program. Also, be aware that Windows may occasionally display warnings while installing. If you experience it, disregard the warnings because CGMiner Bitcoin mining software is 100% safe for your mining gear and software.

Our rating: 4.8

4 – Kryptex Miner

Kryptex Miner, one of the top Windows miner programs, allows you to make money from your computer. Any user can evaluate the performance and profitability of the Bitcoin mining software before using it by downloading it for free. Kryptex Miner has already been used by many novices and experienced Bitcoin miners worldwide, who tout it as a convenient and very profitable mining tool for passive income. Most mineable digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others, are compatible with the mining program.


  • Software for multiple-coin mining.
  • The Pro and Lite modes.
  • Remotely controlled mining operations using a web interface.
  • Current statistics on Bitcoin mining.
  • Current Bitcoin miners.

Kryptex Miner does not require previous mining experience. Investors have access to a Lite mode of the mining program that enables earning virtual coins while performing regular web browsing activities. Since the application does not impair the processor performance on most PCs, you may watch movies or play games while mining. Advanced miners typically select Pro mode, which enables tracking of the most basic mining settings (just like the hash power, power consumption, and temperature). The Kryptex website also offers a referral scheme and a cryptocurrency information library if you’re looking for more than just Bitcoin mining software.

Our rating: 4.7

5 – Easy Miner

You will undoubtedly come across Easy Miner, a free mining program for generating Bitcoin and other digital currencies, when looking through lists of the finest Bitcoin mining software available as free open source. Easy Miner is a top-notch open-source Bitcoin mining program for Windows 10 that breaks all records with its practical toolbox for different types of cryptocurrency miners. The developer wanted to make Bitcoin mining software accessible to all cryptocurrency investors so they could test it out and evaluate how profitable it is for them. The software offers effortless and free access to its mining tools and capabilities because it is fully suited for x86-64 and x86 PCs.


  • Pro and lightweight variations.
  • Extensive data and real-time analytics for miners.
  • Active community support for mining.
  • Managing a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Charts showing current bitcoin prices.

For the Classic and Moneymaker modes, miners who want to set up their devices’ Bitcoin mining software can find comprehensive instructions online. You must register and set up a personal profile on the website to access the personal bitcoin wallet and other features of the Easy Miner application. The top concern for the creators of Easy Miner is mining security. To keep Bitcoin secure in the wallets, the mining program team has developed an incredibly high-security mechanism. Feel free to join the live community if you have any inquiries concerning software or general crypto-mining technology.

Our rating: 4.7

6 – Multi Miner

A cryptocurrency mining program called Multi miner has a wide range of adjustable tactics and mining algorithms. The application enables users to mine several cryptocurrency currencies by supporting SHA-256, Scrypt, Ethash, Keccak, and many other algorithms. The Strategies section’s flexible options allow you to choose the cash mining technique. ASIC, FPGA, and GPU mining were made simple with the mining program. Windows, macOS, and Linux users can mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using the mining program.


  • Compatibility with mining monitoring apps for smartphones; simple, user-friendly mining interface.
  • API access is supported.
  • The automatic relaunch of crashed miners.
  • Support for background mining is present.

A multi Miner is a user-friendly software for beginners and is among some of the most exemplary mining programs on our list. After downloading and installing, users can immediately begin mining bitcoin. New users are given a thorough Getting Started wizard to help them understand how the application works. Because you don’t have to update the program manually, Multiminer’s mining procedure is even more convenient and accessible.

Our rating: 4.6

7 – BFGMiner

BFG Miner for Windows is the next item on our list of the top ASIC and FPGA Bitcoin mining programs. Most PCs running Windows 32- and 64-bit are compatible with the latest software release (version 5.5.0). Even though the BFG Miner’s official website lacks information, many evaluations of the software are available on reputable websites and forums devoted to mining software.


  • The best selection of SHA-256 Bitcoin mining algorithm drivers.
  • A feature for monitoring device temperature.
  • The ability to remotely control mining.
  • Dynamic timekeeping.
  • The interface capabilities for remote mining.

You may always get the most recent mining software from the website because the developer maintains it updated. You are welcome to download the open-source code, which is contained in a single ZIP bundle.

Our rating: 4.5

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