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7 Best 2023 Virtual Business Phone Number Apps (Free Options)

7 Best 2023 Virtual Business Phone Number Apps (Free Options)

Managing business calls from your personal number is irritating and invades your privacy. It also doesn’t scale with hiring.

For a personalised phone number, many new and experienced company owners utilise virtual business phone number applications.

Virtual business phone numbers may be used on computers, mobile phones, desktop handsets, and more. Answer, forward, record, and share calls conveniently.

Virtual company phone numbers are easy to set up. Start by downloading the app on your phone or computer.

This post lists the top virtual business phone number applications for small enterprises, including free and limitless alternatives.

When Should You Get a Virtual Business Number?

Offering clients a quick option to contact you can assist expand your small business website or eCommerce company.

Customers require several means to contact most firms, which are online.

Business email, live chat, and SMS are helpful, but nothing matches a human interaction over the phone.

Businesses usually think a landline is enough. They rapidly realise how inefficient landlines are for business and client calls.

Never use your personal number for work.

Virtual company phone number apps may assist. It has several advantages over landline and mobile phones.

Instead of a landline, you may use it on your cell phone with mobile applications, your laptop, your desk phone, and other devices.

Employees may share a number. Team members may have personal numbers or extensions.

Call routing, recording, waiting, ringtones, vacation answers, business hours, and caller id are all managed by the software.

Voice, text, video, call-to-email transcription, and inexpensive local/international phone calls are the icing on top.

Thus, let’s examine the top virtual business phone applications.

1. Nextiva

Nextiva is the leading virtual business phone number supplier. Their software on your desktop/laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or desk phone makes managing your virtual phone number simple.

Nextiva offers HD voice calling through VoIP with your local phone number. They also provide virtual business phone lines for various regions.

To boost your local presence and appeal to company owners and target clients, you may obtain local area code phone numbers for various US states.

Each Nextiva package includes call forwarding/routing, auto attendant, receptionist, voicemail transcription, voicemail to email, call queuing, unlimited calls, and call analytics.

Nextiva offers vanity business phone numbers and an auto dialer to save time.

You may receive all business calls on your iPhone (iOS) or Android phone using their virtual phone system software.

Nextiva integrates HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Nextiva can convert your Avaya PBX system into a robust cloud phone system with SIP trunking for call centres and large enterprises.

2. ooma office phone

Ooma provides cheap 1-800 toll-free numbers for businesses. Ooma office plans may add a toll-free virtual phone line. You may pick a new free business phone number or keep the default toll-free number.

Virtual receptionists, extension dialling, music-on-hold, smart mobile phone applications, and more are all included with Ooma Office.

Best of all, setup is simple and takes minutes.

Pricing: $19.95 per month for a toll-free number and 35+ business phone features.

3. Grasshopper

Startups and small enterprises may easily get virtual phone numbers from Grasshopper. It has a mobile app for managing your company phone system anywhere.

Virtual company numbers, vanity numbers, regional local numbers, and 800 and 833 toll-free numbers are available.

The same gadget lets you separate work and personal calls and never miss a call. Grasshopper includes call forwarding, call transfer, voice mail, business messaging, VoIP and WiFi calling, automated greeting, and more.

Many small company owners utilise Grasshopper to accept personal phone calls.

Pricing: $26/month for 1 number and 3 extensions.

4. Free Google Voice

Google Voice is the greatest free business phone app. G Suite may be integrated with other Google Apps for your company if you currently use it.

The personal plan gives solopreneurs and individuals a virtual phone number and free US and Canadian calls.

The personal package does not offer auto-attendant, desk phone assistance, or other business phone functions.

Personal usage free. Paid plans start at $10/user/month.


Another amazing virtual business phone solution is Startups, solopreneurs, and tiny firms can afford their business phone services.

By classifying phone minutes to Europe and Canada as local, they provide lower prices. Explore business mobile options applications, call forwarding/routing, virtual assistant, IVR menus, texting, fax, and more are included.

Pay-per-minute options reduce costs depending on consumption. As your firm grows, it may become pricey.

Pricing: $12.99/month for pay-per-minute plans. Unlimited extensions cost $29.99 per month.

6. eVoice, 

a renowned business phone and VoIP operator in the UK, offers worldwide coverage. They provide virtual phone numbers, toll-free lines, and local numbers.

Call management, virtual receptionist, outbound calling app, conference calling, and more are included. UK, EU, Canada, USA, and more nations provide bespoke phone numbers.

Plans are available. Each has varying call minutes and user limits. Location and number determine call forwarding charges.

For one user, £7.50 per month.

7. Freshdesk Contact Centre

Freshdesk Contact Centre (previously Freshcaller) is a simple virtual business phone software. They provide budget-friendly solutions, including a pay-per-minute plan with unlimited agents, for small and developing organisations.

International, toll-free, local, virtual, and vanity numbers are available.

It has phone management, business hours, mobile applications, shared lines, call waiting, SIP connections, and more. If you cannot transfer your local number or your local carrier has cheaper call rates, some plans let you retain using it.

Pay-per-minute or $19 per agent every month.

This post should help you select the finest virtual business phone app for your company. See also how to acquire a free business email address and the top small company email marketing services.

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