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7 Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping for Your Motorcycle

You wouldn’t think that wrapping your new motorcycle in plastic would be such a benefit, but trust us, it is. Yes, it sounds strange to wrap your brand-new motorcycle in plastic, but trust us again and read on to know why you should do this. Vinyl wrapping template for your motorcycle is beneficial because it protects the finish from scratches and other damage.

This can be especially helpful if you live in an area where the sunlight will reflect off of the surface of your bike and cause it to gleam even more than usual. It will also help protect the paint against rock strikes, sand and road debris. If you have children or pets that are going to ride the bike frequently as well, then this is an added bonus. Well… unless they decide to chew on the plastic instead!

Protect From Scrapes and Dings

This may seem like an obvious benefit, but we’re going to list it just in case it doesn’t sound like it would be a big deal. The plastic that is used to wrap your motorcycle will not scratch easily, so if a door guard comes into contact with the finish, it won’t damage the paint any. Similarly, if a bike rack bangs against your bike, it will leave just a mark. The plastic that you are wrapping the bike in will absorb the impact and prevent scratches or other damage to the finish. The plastic will also help protect the bike from scrapes and dings as well. If your bike is parked outside and a chunk of gravel gets kicked up and hits your front tire, the plastic wrap will help absorb the impact and keep your tire unscratched.

Weather Protection

The plastic wrap you wrap your bike in will offer the same protection against scratches and dings as the plastic does, but it will also protect your bike from the weather. If there is a storm coming and you rush outside to get your bike before it starts pouring rain, you will be glad you wrapped it in plastic. The plastic wrap is water resistant and will not get ruined from a heavy downpour. If you are storing your bike indoors, then you won’t have to worry about the weather damaging the finish on the bike. The plastic wrap is resistant to water, and it will not get ruined by the liquid. This is another reason to wrap your bike in plastic.

Safety Feature

One of the main reasons why you should wrap your motorcycle in plastic is to prevent people from getting hurt. If a child is trying to ride your bike and they fall off and hit their head, the plastic wrap will protect the finish on the motorcycle. Similarly, if you or someone else is riding the bike and an unexpected hazard comes into contact with the plastic wrap, the impact will be softened by the plastic and you won’t get hurt.

Customization Option for your Bike

If you ask a motorcyclist why they want to wrap their bike in plastic, they might not have an obvious answer. However, we can guarantee you that they have thought about this benefit at some point. The customizing option that is available with plastic wrapping is one of the most attractive features of this protection or use wrap template from armobileskin. If you decide to wrap the bike in a color other than black, you can now do so without damaging the surface. Similarly, if you want to change the design of the wrap, you can do so as well. In the past, it was difficult to customize vinyl wraps because they are manufactured in a single standard size. Unfortunately, they are not flexible, so you couldn’t change the design in order to suit your taste better.

Cost of Wrapping  Why it is worth it

The cost of wrapping your bike in plastic is relatively low, especially if you do it yourself. The price will vary based on the style and size of the wrap that you choose to wrap your bike in. If you need to wrap multiple bikes in the same area, it will save you money in the long run. Many people have the misconception that wrapping a bike in plastic will damage the finish or add too much weight to the motorcycle.

This is not true, but it is a good idea to only wrap your bike in one piece of plastic and not multiple layers. When you wrap your bike in one piece of plastic, you will find that it is easier to handle the bike. There will be less risk of the plastic ripping or coming undone during transportation. You can wrap your bike in one piece of plastic by removing the wheels, swing arm, and any other accessories that are not necessary. If you are not sure how to do this, ask someone who knows how to do it.

Wrapping Steps for a New Bike

Now that you know why you should wrap your bike in plastic, it is time to get the job done. Before you start, you will want to clean your bike thoroughly. If the finish is dirty, you will have a better chance of getting a clear coat of plastic on it. If you have recently brought a new bike into your garage, then you will want to clean the motorcycle thoroughly too.

This will ensure that there are no contaminants on the surface of the bike. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the cleaning process and we will clarify them below. Before you wrap your bike in plastic, make sure that it is clean and free of any dust and dirt on the surface. You should also clean the inside of the motorcycle of any dust or dirt that has accumulated in there. You should also blow the dust outside of the garage. You should also make sure that there are no loose parts inside the motorcycle that could get caught in the wrap.

Wrapping Tips for an Existing Bike

  • Make sure the bike has been parked outside all day before wrapping it in plastic. This will ensure that the plastic has a chance to absorb the damaging effects of the sunlight. If you wrap the bike in plastic before it has been exposed to sunlight, the plastic will not be damaged. If the bike has been exposed to sunlight all day, it will be difficult to get a clear coat of plastic on the finish. If you wrap your bike in plastic and it is still damaged, you should take it to a professional for repair.
  • Once you have washed and cleaned your motorcycle and removed any unnecessary parts from the bike, you should place it on a stand or in a garage cart. If the motorcycle is on the ground, the plastic wrap might get damaged by the grit in the surface.
  • When you are wrapping the motorcycle, make sure to keep the wheels, swing arm, and any other parts that are not necessary to the motorcycle outside the wrap. This will ensure that the plastic wrap doesn’t get damaged by the grit in the surface.
  • To get a clean wrap, you need to have enough plastic on hand. You should plan to wrap your bike in plastic in two separate coats. In between the coats, you should allow the plastic that you applied to dry thoroughly.

Cost of Restoration

If you decide to take your motorcycle to a motorcycle restoration place, you will have to factor in the cost of the wrap. These places will wrap your motorcycle in plastic and apply a clear coat to protect the finish. The prices for plastic wrapping will vary depending on the place, but you can expect to pay between $250 and $500. The clear coat that is applied to the plastic wrap will cost $250 to $500 depending on the restoration place. While these prices are relatively cheap if you keep in mind the protection that the wrap offers, it is an expensive proposition if you factor in the cost of the plastic wrap. Luckily, if you wrap your new motorcycle in plastic yourself, you will be able to save money on the plastic wrap. You will have to purchase a roll of plastic and a spray-on clear coat, and you will be able to do so yourself.


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