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7 Benefits of NFC Business Cards for Networking and Marketing

If you haven’t heard of NFC business cards yet then you may have some catching up to do. The old days of carrying around physical business cards are in the past. Digital business cards act as a one-card-only necessity for networking and exchanging contact information. 

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur looking to network on the go, a marketing team looking to spread brand awareness, or simply someone who wants a more effective way of exchanging info, NFC business cards are a must-have. 

In this article, we will go over the benefits NFC business cards and why it is vital to be utilizing this technology. So, let’s get started.

What are NFC Business Cards?

What are NFC business cards? They are smart business cards that have been making waves in the business world for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. NFC is the technology that powers the connection between someone who scans or taps your business card. 

The best NFC business cards are nothing more than a card (similar to credit or debit card) that acts as a facilitator in exchanging contact information. 

All you have to do is tap your card on someone’s phone or have users scan your QR code and all of the relevant information you wish for contacts to have are instantly on their phone and ready to save.

NFC Business Cards

Benefits of NFC Business Cards

Below is a list of why marketers and networks around the world are turning to NFC business cards over traditional paper business cards.

Instant Contact Sharing

There is no better way to share contact information then with NFC (Near Field Communication) digital business cards. With a simple tap of a phone, professionals can transmit not only their names and phone numbers, but also links to professional profiles, portfolios, and social media platforms. So, no matter whatever information is more important to share you have the option to share a multiude of them seamlessly. 

Environmentally Friendly

With the growing concern for the environment, many companies are looking for greener alternatives. Traditional paper business cards contribute to waste and deforestation. On the flip side, NFC digital business cards offer a sustainable solution that aligns with eco-friendly business practices. Plus, with customizable card options, users can create there cards to embody their persoinaliteis or brand image. 

Up-to-date Information

Traditional business cards become outdated as soon as contact information changes. With NFC digital business cards, professionals can update their information in seconds either through online platforms or mobile apps.This reduces confusion and communication gaps, helping to maintain effective business relationships. The conveniency factor is unparalleled. 

NFC Business Cards

Interactive and Dynamic

NFC digital business cards are much more than just contact information. They can include multimedia elements such as videos, images, or interactive presentations that showcase a professional’s work or a company’s products. Many smart cards offer the ability even add your payment information like CashApp, Venmo, or Apple Pay.

Efficient Data Management

One of the major benefits of NFC digital business cards for businesses and teams specifically is that these cards can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) systems or contact management apps. This facilitates organized and efficient data management, making it easier for professionals to categorize and follow up on their networking connections. It saves time, enhances productivity, and allows for better relationship tracking for those that are looking for brand exposure and marketing ROI metrics.

Greater Reach

An NFC digital business card can be shared with anyone, anywhere, expanding networking potential beyond geographical boundaries. This makes them particularly useful for the now normal job meetings being remote or online events, where physical card exchange is not possible. It supports global networking and opens up opportunities for worldwide collaboration.

Detailed Analytics

Digital business cards enable users to track when and where their cards are viewed or shared. This analytics data can provide valuable insights about networking efficiency, engagement, and the effectiveness of different pieces of information or marketing assets included on the card. 

Best NFC Business Cards

Now that you understand the massive benefits that come with NFC business cards, you might be wondering what the best options are. After reviewing some of the largest (and smallest) digital business card companies I have listed below some of the best options.

  • Popl
  • Dot
  • Linq
  • Mobilo
  • Blinq
  • Ovou 

Out of these options, in my opinion, Popl has shown to be the star product and brand in this sector. Not only do they provide the best NFC products, but their mobile app is extremely easy to use with lots of great features for individuals or businesses.

 I personally bought the $5 Popl card which is very high quality and easy to use. Dot is another great option if you are interested in looking at other brands. Popl vs Dot has been a big debate in the digital business card world over the last few years.

What is NFC? 

NFC of Near Field Communication is the technology that is used when you pay for something using apple pay or the “tap” feature with your credit card. Without getting into the technical jargon, it is short wave frequencies that allow 2 devices to communicate with each other in a fast and convenient way. 

This is a huge reason why people have been ditching the “insert chip” or “swipe” features with credit cards. NFC technology has taken over not only the retail world but the networking arena as well. 

NFC Business Cards

Wrapping Up

Embracing NFC digital business cards is something we have seen take place more in more over the past few years as it offers a remarkable shift in how we approach networking and marketing. 

They not only streamline contact sharing and foster eco-friendly practices, but also allow for dynamic content sharing, efficient data management, and actionable insights through analytics for marketing teams or professionals. 

Whether you’re a marketer seeking to leave a lasting impression, or a networking professional needing to stay organized and efficient, these digital tools provide you a significant edge. Plus, they are cost-efficient and convenient as you can keep just one card in your wallet or contact your profile to your Apple Wallet and pull it up on the go.

 Save money, exchange contact information more efficiently, and leave a lasting, unique impression on everyone you come in contact with. Those are the benefits of NFC digital business cards, and why you need one.

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