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6DO.WORLD: The AI-Powered Social Media Platform for A Better Public Discourse

6DO.WORLD is a revolutionary new media platform set to disrupt the traditional media landscape with its innovative use of AI technology and token-based incentive system. 

The new platform was created by founder Pin Ho and CEO Lizzi Lee. This cutting-edge website employs AI models to syndicate, summarize new information, conduct fact-checking, and encourage healthy audience engagement, giving users a one-of-a-kind, personalized media experience.’s innovative use of AI technology, which is used to aggregate, consolidate, and verify sources, is one of its key features. This technology enables the platform to provide users with a comprehensive view of the most recent news and events without having them sift through countless articles and sources. The AI models also help to identify and eliminate fake news, promoting healthy and informed discourse among users.

This system incentivizes users to have productive and respectful conversations while promoting a positive and informed media environment.

The platform’s token system also offers investors an innovative way to generate value. Investors may purchase tokens and use them to reward valuable contributions to the platform, thereby increasing the overall value of their investment. This system also enables the platform to recognize and reward its most active and engaged users, giving them the incentive to continue contributing to the platform and promoting robust and informed discourse.

The media landscape is in desperate need of an overhaul, and 6DO.WORLD is poised to lead the charge. Traditional media has struggled to keep up with the fast-changing world of technology and social media. Many consumers have lost trust in traditional media due to the proliferation of disinformation and falsehoods, as well as the rise of toxic and divisive discourse.

6DO.WORLD offers a new media model based on transparency, accuracy, and accountability. The platform can provide users with a unique and personalized media experience that is free of the biases and inaccuracies of traditional media by using AI technology to distribute and condense information and promote healthy audience engagement. This system not only helps to increase the platform’s value but also helps to build user trust.

6DO.WORLD is a high-value investment opportunity for those interested in cutting-edge technology and innovative business models. The company’s combination of AI technology and a token-based incentive system creates a novel and disruptive model for the media landscape, with the potential to generate substantial returns for investors.

“Promoting media literacy and providing people with access to an accurate source of information is core to our mission,” said Lee. “As our platform grows, we will remain committed to ensuring accountability is a priority for our team and global users’ network.”

CTO Leo Wang envisions a future where technology is leveraged to promote healthy public discourse, “we are exploring the possibilities of incorporating AI-powered tools to create a new kind of social experience.”

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More About 6DO.WORLD

6DO.WORLD is an online community and social media platform where an exchange of ideas and healthy debate are encouraged. Launched in 2023, 6DO.WORLD was built by an all-star team of veteran technology and social media professionals seeking a new online home for spirited discussions without misinformation. The platform was carefully curated and engineered by founder Pin Ho alongside CEO Lizzi Lee and CTO Leo Wang. For more information, visit

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