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6 Worthwhile Benefits of Owning Elevator Shoes

Almost everyone would not mind looking slightly taller, in fact, most people would kill for a few extra inches. Some individuals tend to achieve this extra height through wearing heels or pumps, but there is a more discrete way of getting some added height. You could try wearing elevator shoes! Thanks to their inner design, elevator shoes are an easy way to gain a couple of inches without it looking unnatural or unfashionable. With that being said, if you are new to elevator shoes and need a bit more convincing before you start experimenting, here are six benefits you need to know! 

What are elevator shoes?

If you have not heard already, elevator shoes — also known as lift shoes, tall shoes, and height-increasing shoes — are the perfect footwear to have for gaining a few extra inches. How do these shoes work? Glad you asked. Elevator shoes are made with thicker sections inside the insoles, which works to help the wearer seem taller. The best part is that because the added height is inside the shoe instead of the outside, it will seem completely natural and hidden from others. So, you can enjoy the extra height without having it look like you are wearing heels or pumps!

What are the benefits of owning elevator shoes?

While elevator shoes are mainly known for their height increase, they do have added benefits as well. Trust us, these shoes are absolutely essential in anyone’s wardrobe. From improved posture to added confidence, here are some of the best benefits of having elevator shoes!

  1. Increased height 

Of course, the most popular and arguably the best benefit of elevator shoes is their ability to increase height. Whether you are insecure about your height or just want to add a few extra inches, elevator shoes can give you the results you want instantly. Who would not love to be slightly taller than they are already?

With the help of elevator shoes, you can grow a few centimeters or a couple of inches. Furthermore, They are easy to put on and comfortable to wear, which is a huge bonus. 

The best part about the increased height is that it is completely invisible to outsiders. The height was added discreetly inside the shoe, so to others, those few extra centimeters will look completely natural and normal!

  1. Improved posture 

With the extra height you just received from your elevator shoes, you are naturally going to start walking differently. As a taller version of yourself, you have no choice but to walk straight and stand with your shoulder straight. This is ultimately a huge benefit as walking with your head held high is great for your posture. 

Moreover, elevator shoes—unlike heels—are comfortable and easy to wear. These shoes have been made out of cozy cushioning materials that will not hurt your feet. Instead, you will be comforted by its soft and comfy material. This also means that you will not be slipping or slouching with your favorite pair of elevator shoes. This is evidently very helpful for improving your posture and stance. 

  1. Slimming effect 

Being a few extra inches taller can make you look completely different. For one, it can make you look slimmer. This happens because added height can make your legs look longer, which will inevitably elongate your shape. 

With the appearance of longer legs, you can look slimmer or proportionate if you are slightly fuller around your middle. Obviously, weight and appearance are not everything and this difference is only slight. However, if you are interested in getting the appearance of a slimmer figure, it is a wonderful benefit. So, to look as if you lost a few extra pounds without leaving your house, get yourself a pair of elevator shoes. Before you know it, you will be getting compliments on your leaner figure! 

  1. Confidence booster 

Height can be huge insecurity for some individuals, especially men. There is nothing wrong with being short, but some people can have such a desire to be taller than it can ruin their self-confidence. This insecurity can make you feel diffident or insignificant, which could cause you to turn down opportunities or even relationships. 

Elevator shoes are not a cure for these insecurities, but they can help relieve them and boost your confidence. Ultimately, it is your mindset that will change your confidence, but some added height certainly would not hurt.

Having said that, this added height might give you the confidence to take more chances and go after different opportunities. Without you even noticing, these elevator shoes might just help change your stance on life. 

  1. Alleviate back pain 

Surprisingly, back pain can be slightly relieved with the help of elevator shoes. These shoes are not a magical cure, but they have been shown to be able to reduce back pain. This is because a fair amount of back pain can be caused by improper posture. 

However, elevator shoes will cause your spine to change location over time. This will ultimately help reduce or eliminate your back pain. If you already suffer from back pain, elevator shoes can eventually help reduce the amount of pain medication you use. This could be a huge benefit to your internal organs. It all depends on how often you wear your shoes and what level of severity your back pain is. 

  1. Fashionable 

A great underrated benefit of elevator shoes is how stylish they can be. Some height shoes can be slightly unfashionable or simply outdated, but elevator shoes are different. These shoes are designed to be comfortable and fashionable, so you do not have to worry about looking out of style. 

No matter what your sense of style is, there is a guidomaggi elevator shoe that fits your personality. From loafers to sneakers to boots, these shoes come in a variety of different styles, colors, and sizes. If you have an active lifestyle, there are even elevator shoes designed for physical activities. 

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