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6 Ways To Move Your TikTok Fans To Instagram

6 Ways To Move Your TikTok Fans To Instagram

You have established your account on TikTok and have a great fan base on your TikTok profile. On the other hand, you cannot find a way to increase your Instagram reach and feel burned out. Marketers are looking for influencers with a solid following on both Instagram and TikTok for promotions. Start by making a video on TikTok and also upload it on your  your Instagram account. However, to maximize your content exposure on TikTok, opt to buy tiktok shares and make your content go viral. Additionally, find the 6 Ways to move your TikTok fans to your Instagram account below.

Connect Instagram And TikTok Account

Your audience who wants to follow you on Instagram can find your profile link if you have connected your Instagram account on TikTok. Start by clicking on the edit profile above your bio and add your Instagram link to the Instagram column. Next, upload good quality content on other social media platforms to ensure your fans click the follow button. Finally, connect your Instagram and TikTok accounts and let new audiences discover you on both platforms.

Promote Your Instagram Account On TikTok Videos

Cliffhanger videos and suspense always push your audience to go to the extreme options. Start by making a TikTok video of an exciting topic and stop midway, redirecting your audience to your Instagram account to know the ending. For example, record your illustration, upload it on TikTok and ask your audience to check your Instagram account for the finished results. Simply put, divide your content into two parts and conquer your audience by asking them to check out the videos uploaded on different platforms. Make sure to create good suspense that will urge your audience to know the result or end.

Create TikTok Videos About Instagram

Have you already established your profile on TikTok and want to try out new platforms to conquer? The best way to get started is by creating an Instagram account with the same username as your TikTok username. Then, create a video for your audiences on TikTok sharing your goals for your Instagram account. These goals can be anything from posting more of your everyday mundane life to posting bloopers and behind the scenes. Your super fans will follow you on Instagram, so keep them entertained. Get trial deals from Paymetoo to avail yourself of a demo result of the reach. Encourage your audience to follow you on Instagram if they want to know more about you.

Uniformly Brand Your Instagram And TikTok

People recognize you on TikTok because of your funny username, then make sure to use the same for your Instagram. You must ensure that your audience can identify you and your brand on social media or website. Create a unique style that denotes you to avoid the fear of getting forgotten by your audience. Remember to avoid graphics or images that might confuse your audience about your brand. Keep an eye on your competitors while tailoring your brand to perfection on your social media platform. Most importantly, build consistency in your brand to gain credibility. 

Highlight Your Instagram In TikTok Bio

Use your TikTok bio to let your audience know how to find you on Instagram. You can also mention the other platforms you want your audience to follow. Create a biography with relevant information for your audience and highlight all the links you think your audience will find valuable. For example, upload a suspense video on your TikTok and ask your audience to find your Instagram account on your bio to know more. Many brands highlight their website link in bio to redirect their potential customers to the shopping page instantly.

Promote Your Instagram Contests And Giveaways

Organize contests and giveaways on your Instagram to drive new followers to your Instagram account. Start by announcing your game on your Instagram story for your already existing followers to see. It would be best to opt Paymetoo to promote your giveaways on Instagram and TikTok for popularity. Additionally, talk about your contest details on your TikTok videos. Finally, encourage a call to action from your audience by offering them excellent giveaways and gift hampers available on Instagram. These giveaways let your TikTok fans give you a chance to access your Instagram account.


Sometimes, when you have a solid following on TikTok, you’ll have to find ways to move at least some of them on your Instagram account. In the above article, you can find six ways to move your TikTok fans to your Instagram account. You can use some of these ways mention to turn your Instagram followers into TikTok fans. Once you have grown your Instagram followers, make sure to nurture your audience on Instagram. Conduct contests, interact with your audiences through your lives, or interact with them through your Instagram stories. You can also ask your Instagram audience what content you should post next on your TikTok account. Finally, remember always to let your Instagram audience know when you upload a new video on TikTok by posting it on your Instagram story.

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