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6 Top Benefits Of Working As A Freight Agent 

Freight Agent 

Becoming a freight agent can be a great way to boost your income, advance your career, and become an entrepreneur. Freight is defines anything that is being moved from one point to another for industrial or commercial purposes. In other words, it refers to goods on logistics. 

In this regard, a freight agent is a person who works for a transportation company that handles freight. The work of this agent is to receive packages and goods for transportation to various destinations. Working as a freight agent comes with a package of benefits. Here are some of them:

An opportunity to boost your income

As a freight agent, you can make $30,000 and above depending on your experience and the company you are working for. If you are experienced in handling freight, you will be can make more money than new entrants.

The opportunity allows you to work fulltime or part-time and make some extra coins. You can combine it with your other jobs or businesses. So, you will have an extra revenue stream and boost your overall income. 

Enables you to build a powerful business network

Like any other job, freight agents interact with different people in their work.  You will meet many suppliers, shippers, and customers requiring shipment services. This aspect offers you an opportunity to build a strong business network.

For instance, you can ask for referral from your clients and stakeholders. You can also participate in freight trade shows, seminars, and workshops. All these activities opens doors for networking with different people who you can rely in the future.

You can become a certified freight agent

When you find the right freight agent program, the company will take you through a comprehensive training. You will learn every aspect of this industry and become an expert.

In essence, you can become a Certified Professional Agent (CPPA) or a Certified Distribution Professional (CDP) depending on the freight company you associate to. These certifications are essential and recognized in freight industry. So, they will open doors for more job opportunities.

Certification will also validate your skills and experience. This will help you stand out from the crowd. Also, it will potentially lead to better payments and promotions. However, will need to enroll in classes and sitfor exams to earn such certifications.

Opportunity to work from home

Being a freight agent comes with a bundle of flexibility. The opportunity allows you to work on fulltime or part-time bases. Apart from this, you can choose to work from home. Your role is to connect a truck driver with the client seeking shipment services. This task does not require you to be in the office as you can do it online.

The virtual nature of this job helps you save money as you do not need to commute to and from the workplace.  Also, you will have sufficient time to spend with your family and accomplish other household chores. All you require is to set up a home office or do it via your smartphone. 

It is an easy path to becoming an entrepreneur 

Many people desire to become entrepreneurs. However, the inability to access the startup capital defer or kill their dreams. You no longer need to be among this number. 

Freight agent option allows you to become an entrepreneur without much challenges. Becoming a freight agent opens your doors to entrepreneurial world. You own your business and set your working time. With time and networks, you can become a fully-fledged entrepreneur and run a full scale freight business. 

Also, the startup cost is minimal. All you will require is your phone, desktop or laptop, and internet connection. No licenses, insurances, or brick and mortar offices required. The only other thing necessary is a transport management system for easy communication and management of your business. 

It is highly scalable business opportunity

When launching a business, growing it is your first objective. You desire to move the venture from a startup to an enterprise venture. This objective is usually a nightmare for many business. Only a few make it to the enterprise level and the process takes decades to become a reality. 

The case is different for freight agents. When you join this sector, you can easily scale up your venture and become a global brand. The process offers you an opportunity to network and build connections with shippers and clients from across the globe. With this connection, your business will likely advance and scale up quickly.

As you can see, being a freight agent is beneficial. You can consider trying your leg on it and see the results. 

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