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6 Things To Know About This Startup Changing Global WiFi Access

Currently, only 51%  of the world’s population has access to the internet. This figure differs drastically between the developing world and developed world. As the global middle-class increases, new technologies such as blockchain are allowing for growing accessibility. With this access comes a massive opportunity to create a sharing economy that leverages network access to share WiFi capability with people who may not yet have it.

Internet users in 2015 as a percentage of a country’s population

One startup is tackling this exact issue. OPP Open WiFi is a community-driven service trying to change the nature of WiFi hotspots in our decentralizing world. By creating a global WiFi hotspot network, OPP Open Wi-Fi is poised to be a major factor in increasing internet accessibility around the world.

While on the surface it may seem as though OPP Open Wifi is straightforward, there are 6 things you should know about the network and how it will make its impact.

  1. Built on an Already Successful Business: The framework for OPP Open WiFi is built on success of the OnPolePosition Limited company which has developed hotspot technology since 2014. Their hotspots are used all over the UK and Europe. Moreover, in 2017 they developed new hotspot technology specifically for the residence and a WiFi sharing app for smart devices that are static or in transit.

  1. Increasing Connectivity: There are just about 2 Billion people on social media, but most people (76%) find themselves without a reliable connection to the internet on a regular basis. By recruiting millions of people to be a part of a global hotspot network, OPP Open Wifi aims to increase WiFi accessibility for those who find themselves disconnected due to infrastructural issues.

  1. No Burden for Hotspot Hosts: For the millions of subscribers to Wifi access at home, work, and for mobile, OPP Open Wifi’s research shows that more the 80% of subscribers have unused (and prepaid!) data. By monetizing this data and allowing already paying internet subscribers to effectively share it through the OPP Network, OPP is functionally paying hosts to join and lower their monthly overhead. In short, there are more reasons to join the OPP Open Wifi network than not to.

  1. Your Time Is Paid For Too: Let’s say you want to get paid for more than your excess data, or you are a user who wants to monetize some of your time, OPP will pay you for reading messages from chosen sponsors! You even get to decide how many messages you want to receive and you are paid accordingly. There is also a referral bounty program, rewarding users and hosts alike to bring more people aboard, further connecting the world through internet accessibility.

  1. Focused on R&D: The team is dedicated to making this global WiFi network a reality. They are taking 25% of their raised capital to invest into the continual evolution of WiFi technology and the development of better customer experience. R&D is a crucial investment for all emerging technologies trying to impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

  1. Great Tokenomics for a Dynamic Business: The team plans on harvesting 10% of tokens used from exchange commissions, affiliate retail commissions, and advertisers to pay for the infrastructure and operating costs of the network. The other 90% of the tokens will be utilized in the WiFi exchange occurring between users and hotspot hosts.

These are just a few reasons on why OPP Open WiFi is going to radically change the game in terms of internet connectivity. By increasing regularly accessible internet and incentivizing hotspot hosts simultaneously, OPP Open WiFi is giving millions more opportunity to engage globally.

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