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6 Straightforward Tips to Rule-out Digital Marketing Challenges

Digital Marketing

Most businesses today use digital marketing. Research shows that over 80% of customers today check your online presence before they purchase a product from you. However, that’s just one of the stats that hints at how important digital marketing is. Digital marketing also extends to non-internet digital marketing channels like radio, television, etc.; however, it primarily consists of the online channels. 

To help marketers understand digital marketing and rule out the challenges associated with it, here are some things you should do: 

Challenge 1: Low conversion

So, you have a lot of visitors dropping by your website. Perhaps, some of them even put the products you offer in the shopping cart, but they don’t buy them! 

Somewhere along your marketing funnel, your leads drop off. However, the number of leads alone would not help your business. If they don’t buy your products, there is no use of such leads.

How to better your conversion rate

Make the purchase more profitable for your leads. You could do so by offering discount coupons, special deals, etc. You could make your products’ USPs all the more visible by sending out material, which is convincing and helpful yet also friendly and relatable. 

Challenge 2: Social media 

Every brand these days has a social media presence. However, these Facebook and YouTube pages lie around oblivious. Marketers are unable to bring organic engagement and virality to social media platforms. 

How to better your social media management

Start by making content that’s relatable for your masses, and you could use trending news and viral stuff to do that. You should also be consistent with your posts and use paid ads to encourage more growth.

Challenge 3: Multi-device usage

Your website can be accessed via mobiles, tablets, and so many other sorts of devices, however, no two devices have a screen of the same length/breadth. These varied dimensions and sizes often pose a big issue for your design team.

How to better your multi-device usage: 

Use responsive templates, specifically mobile-responsive templates since most of your traffic would come from mobile internet. 

Challenge 4: Reduce Bounce Rate

You have been noticing that people don’t stay on your website for long enough. They bounce off! There can be various reasons why people abandon your website. Perhaps, your website loads too slow, and nobody has got that sort of patience these days. Perhaps, the design looks too cluttered. 

All these elements make your website repulsive and dull. 

How to better your user retention

Optimize the speed of your website, use lower resolution pics, run speed tests, and remove heavy files and unnecessary codes. You should also ensure your ads or pop-ups don’t cover the whole screen or lead to redirected tabs. That can annoy people who visited your website to read a blog or check out your products and services. Work on your content strategy too if people do not stay on your blogs for longe enough.

Challenge 5: Cost

This is what every business ultimately checks. Your digital marketing efforts need to rake in more capital than what goes out in over-all expenditure needed for them. If the marketing cost comes down to $150 a month, and you are making $120 a month, it’s clearly not helping. Moreover, it becomes an incredible burden considering you have to pay for your marketing team as well; thus, justifying your costs becomes important. 

However, it is nearly impossible if you only rely on internal departments to get it right. 

To minimize your digital marketing cost, you should consider outsourcing the requirements to professional vendors such as Uplers, who give you the most useful solutions in the best prices. 

Challenge 6: Your rivals and the competition hike

It’ s free to start a YouTube Channel, perhaps why, there are so many YouTube Channels. We know social media isn’t very exclusive. With billions of users in total, you do not feel like it’s a commodity made for only you.

Moreover, there are so many websites, and blogs live on the internet, how does one stay relevant and push way right on top with so much competition populating the digital marketing space. ? 

How to better your rank

The only way to beat your competitors is to give something unique yet relatable. You should make content that is relevant to your target audience. You should use the right keywords so that your Target audience can become your leads. 

Not everyone who becomes your lead will buy your product. You need to be very sure of how many in your target audience have the spending and buying capacity. Working aimlessly towards converting the wrong people will kill time and money. 

You should also focus on the right prospects and better communication with your sales team can help you maximize your conversions and minimize your bounce rates. 

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