6 Smart Bathroom Features you Need to Consider

6 Smart Bathroom Features you Need to Consider

There has been a boom in smart home devices in the last few years. Today, they have become must-haves for homeowners looking to monitor their homes and do a lot more. In fact, statistics show that there were more than 52.2 million smart homes in the United States in 2021.

Consumers have been learning and adopting smart home technologies for convenience, safety, and increased security. Usually, these technologies connect artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things. This causes smart home devices to anticipate users’ needs and deliver accordingly.

There are a lot of smart devices available in the market to provide a personalized bathroom experience. You can, for instance, use Chromatherapy lights to improve the mood in your bathroom. Include devices like multifunctional mirrors to act as speakers to pump in soothing music. With these and many other features, your bathroom is just a few upgrades away from giving you a total spa experience. 

The Best Smart Bathroom Features to Consider

Imagine applying makeup with a mirror that didn’t fog while you were showering. How about using a toilet seat that warms up during cold winter nights? This is thanks to technological advancements that make comfort and convenience a reality.

You may be aware of the smart TVs or light bulbs for other rooms in the home. But you probably don’t know how much you also need the following smart bathroom features.

6 Smart Bathroom Features you Need to Consider

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1. Smart Toilets

According to a research carried out in 2020, smart toilets were the most wanted smart bathroom devices by at least 2,000 Americans. A lot of these smart toilets have features such as:

  • Night lights
  • Seat warmers
  • Automatic flushing
  • Anti-bacterial rims
  • Touch-free automatic lids

Smart toilets also have a toe touch sensor located at the base that will automatically lift the seat. These toilets are more than just a gimmick as they offer a truly personalized experience. e-Toilets Online offers smart toilets that are comfortable and better designed than traditional toilets. They are also hygienic since they are touch-free and self-cleaning.

The cost of smart toilets can go as high as $8,265 and more. You may think that is very expensive. However, these devices are worth the investment. Smart toilets can reduce the risk of overflowing. They can also detect water levels to only use the required amount of water, thus, saving you on your water bills. 

2. Chromatherapy Lights

Color plays a crucial role when it comes to how we think and feel. Every color addresses a physical need that we have. As a result, they can help you get in the right mood for your bath.

Orange, for instance, can help you feel happier and more energetic. Blue, on the other hand, can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. The news here is that you can control lighting through chromatherapy.

This technology is the use of colored lighting in your bathroom. Chromatherapy is a high-intensity LED light. They can be controlled digitally with simple remote control. You can also change the setting to what you want, whether you, for instance, want a romantic or relaxing atmosphere.

Most of these devices come with multiple colors, intensities, and different options in terms of brightness. If you had a long day, you can combine chromatherapy lights with aromatherapy, sound therapy, thermotherapy, and hydrotherapy. This will help you to create a relaxing spa experience right in your bathroom. 

3. Multifunctional Mirrors

Smart toilets are amazing for storage, USB, sockets, wireless charging, and illumination. Note that the motion-sensor technology also comes as standard. This means that users don’t have to place wet hands on the mirror itself.

Have you ever stepped out of a hot shower and been faced with a steamed-up mirror? If yes, a motion-activated heat-up mirror is a gadget you need. The market also has smart mirrors with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to connect your phone or tablet and use the mirror as a bathroom speaker.

Things can get more high-tech than that with multifunctional mirrors. Beauty mirrors now incorporate skin analysis technology, from wrinkles to red spots. These mirrors are giving us more information about our bodies than ever before. 

4. Adjustable Privacy Glass

An adjustable privacy glass allows you to change between the transparency and opacity of windows. This glass has a natural opaque look that enables it to block the vision for total privacy but allows natural lighting to pass through.

Users can change the glass from clear to frost or set automatic controls. This can be done using a smartphone or voice assistant.

As adjustable privacy glass brings a sleek and modern feeling into your smart bathroom. It also adds privacy, versatility, energy efficiency, and more hygiene compared to traditional options like curtains. 

You can also stay connected while brushing away your morning breath. Just set the glass to opaque and connect via Bluetooth to project TV shows from your smartphone. 

5. High-Tech Vanities

You may not want to purchase individual parts for your bathroom and prefer going all-in for a smart vanity. This can include controllable lighting, Bluetooth speakers, heated mirrors, and many other all-in-one products.

With your smartphone, you can set the lights and music for your morning routine. You can also turn on the anti-fog mode for the mirror while showering. Some vanities can even include refrigeration for keeping your medications cool. 

6. Smart Scale

6 Smart Bathroom Features you Need to Consider

Source: Pexels

A smart scale is what you need if you’re looking for ways to focus on your health. This device will help you track your fitness and wellness goals.

A smart scale measures your weight and tracks information about your body’s composition. The information includes the body fat percentage, muscle mass, resting heart rate, the percentage of water, and bone mass.

This technological device can also track and store data. It can also sync with other smart devices such as smartphone applications and fitness trackers. These devices are sold by many technological brands such as the Wyze and Fit Track.


Smart bathroom features will become more common in the years ahead. Many new homes are already equipped with smart bathroom features.

If you choose to renovate your bathroom and install smart bathroom features, be sure to let your home insurance provider know. They can help by lowering your premium and getting you to pay less on your homeowner’s insurance in the long run.

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