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6 signs you need a smart TV

Smart TV

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Okay, so there’s some truth in this saying – especially if your current TV is still in pretty good working order. But whilst we all love getting value for our money, if you’ve yet to upgrade to a smart TV, you’re likely missing out!

A TV is no longer just a black box that lets you tune into your favourite soaps each night. A modern ‘smart’ TV delivers so much more – in looks and capabilities. 

Not sure what the rush is, or if a smart TV is really all that? Here we take a look at the tell-tale signs you’re ready for a new TV. 

Reason 1 – you’re bored

Fed up with the same old same? Frustrated at never being able to join in with the office chit-chat about the latest Netflix drama? If you want more exciting viewing choices, then it’s time to get smart.  

With a smart TV, you can stream hundreds of different channels with apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime preinstalled and ready to deliver endless movies, reality shows and original dramas straight to your screen. 

And it’s not just about the viewing. You can access the internet, catch up with your socials, and shop – all without leaving the settee!

Reason 2 – it’s ruining the look

Spent ages redecorating the lounge? Is the television spoiling your design? 

Over the years screens may have got bigger – but they’ve also got thinner. No longer a chunky eyesore squashed into a corner or hidden away in a TV cabinet, these days TVs are an integral part of soft furnishings and contribute to the overall aesthetics of a room. 

Uber thin, and with clever cabling options to reduce visible wires, you can shop around for interchangeable bezels and other snazzy features, such as with the Samsung Fame Smart TV, which doubles as wall art when not in use. Clever, hey?   

Reason 3 – it won’t work with your other tech

Love the fact that your doorbell hooks up to your phone or that you can control the lights with Alexa? Then why not enjoy that same convenience with your TV? 

Invest in a smart TV and you can connect to all your wireless devices. 

Reason 4 – the picture quality is poor

You might think there’s nothing wrong with the picture and sound quality of your current TV but compare it to a smart TV screen and you’ll wonder how you’ve put up with it for as long as you have. 

With a modern television, you’ll benefit from high-definition, crystal-clear pictures. None of the wishy-washy, pixilated images you’ve no doubt been putting up with. 

Upgrade and you’ll enjoy vivid, true-to-life colours, so bright you’ll be questioning if what you’re watching is on screen or in your living room! 

Reason 5 – the sound quality is poor

When you watch your current TV what setting is the volume on? Is it turned right up? We bet it is. We’ll also take a gamble that even at full pelt it’s still waffly. 

With a new TV, you’ll benefit from beautifully crisp audio, meaning you can catch every word of your favourite show – without disturbing the neighbours!

Reason 6 – because you want one

This is our favourite reason of all, and we think you’ve waited long enough.

Buy a smart TV from a reputable retailer, such as Martin Dawes, and you can rest assured that your shopping choices are every bit as smart as your new TV. 

Offering a great range, even better value, excellent customer service, free delivery and a full set-up and installations service, you really can’t go wrong. 

Happy shopping! 

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