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6 Reasons You Should Use a Website Builder for Developing Your Website Instead of Hardcoding It

Creating a website can be a daunting task, especially for someone without any technical experience. However, thanks to modern technology, there are now two ways to develop a website – hardcoding and using a website builder. 

Hardcoding is something that’s been around for ages. In fact, many developers and programmers will tell you that it’s the only way web development should be done. However, for those who’re not from a technical or coding background, this becomes a daunting challenge. 

With website builders, things are much easier. Thanks to content management systems and such website-building tools, literally everyone can become a web developer with little to no technical or coding knowledge. Using website builders is also the preferred option among many programmers. Here’s why. 

#1 Ease of Use

One of the most significant advantages of using a website builder is its ease of use. 

Website builders are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, even for those without any coding experience. Instead of having to write lines of code, you can use drag-and-drop interfaces to create your website’s layout and design. 

This approach simplifies the entire process and saves you time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

#2 Speed

Using a website builder is faster than hardcoding a website from scratch. With a website builder, you can create a fully functional website in a matter of hours or even minutes, depending on the complexity of your website. This is because website builders provide you with pre-designed templates that you can customize to fit your brand’s aesthetic and style. 

This means you don’t have to spend time designing your website from scratch, which can take days or even weeks. Such an approach is ideal, especially for marketing campaigns where you might have to launch a landing page for a new product or service within hours, and you can’t afford to hardcode the entire thing. 

#3 Affordability

Developing a website from scratch can be expensive, especially if you hire a developer or a designer. However, using a website builder can save you a considerable amount of money. 

Most website builders offer affordable pricing plans, and some even offer free options. With a website builder, you don’t have to worry about paying for additional costs like hosting, security, and maintenance. This is because website builders handle all these aspects for you, giving you a hassle-free and cost-effective solution to creating a website.

Plus, you can build a website yourself and don’t need to reach out to a professional developer. Given that web development projects can cost over $10,000 at times, you can save that entire amount of money by using a website builder and doing it yourself. 

#4 Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Features

Bruce Clemens, President of The Peoples Consultants, was struggling with their Wix website. It was all about site maintenance and SEO. That’s when they teamed up with an affordable local SEO solution provider called HelpingHandCreatives to have their site maintained. Given that the site was running on Wix, which is a website builder, it didn’t take long for the digital experts of the SEO service provider to improve the site’s on-page SEO as well as its technical SEO.

With website builders, you also get to access several SEO features where you can rank for certain keywords, optimize images, generate better meta tags, etc. This makes it very convenient for those who are not too keen on investing a lot of time in SEO.  

#5 Customizability

Website builders offer a wide range of pre-designed templates that you can use to create your website. However, this doesn’t mean that your website will look like every other website on the internet. Most website builders provide you with enough customization options to make your website unique and stand out from the crowd. 

You can customize the color scheme, font, layout, and other design elements to match your brand’s identity. You can also update the site whenever you want to. This also reduces maintenance costs to a great extent, as you have the means and tools to manage the updates yourself. 

#6 Accessibility

Last but not least, using a website builder makes your website more accessible to your target audience. Website builders ensure responsive design, which means your website will look great and function seamlessly across different devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 

The website builder will have you build the site for a desktop setting and will automatically adjust it for other devices. When hardcoding, you’d have to do so manually, which is not only time-consuming but also very inefficient and inconsistent at times.  

Given the above-discussed reasons, it’s easy to see why using a website builder is a far better option than hardcoding a website. 

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