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6 Notable Women In Finance


In today’s world, women are a force to be reckoned with. Women have had to make huge strides in the finance industry to be recognized even though most have been the managers of their household money for generations. The following six women are some of the most powerful women in finance today.

Thasunda Brown Duckett 

JP Morgan Chase’s Consumer Banking CEO is Thasunda Brown Duckett. Overseeing a multi-billion dollar network, she is known for forward-thinking and is considered a dynamic leader by her peers. In her spare time, she founded an organization that she named in honor of her parents. The Otis & Rosie Brown Organization was created in order to recognize everyday people that with nothing more than limited resources, go out of their way to help others. In turn, Ms. Duckett was featured in the “Women’s History Month” campaign.

Teresa J Rasmussen

Named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies, Thrivent is a Fortune 500 company run by Teresa J Rasmussen. As CEO and President, she has helped grow what is referred to as a holistic organization for financial services. Ms. Rasmussen runs the company based on the idea that instead of being seen as a goal in life, money should be used as a tool to navigate one’s life. With this in mind, Thrivent offers programs and solutions in the areas of financial advice, insurance, generosity, and investments. Thrivent is focused on helping its customers keep their finances safe and secure, allowing them to live life to the fullest. On a personal level, Ms. Rasmussen encourages and supports diversity in finance and in life.

Kristy Williams Fercho

Having previously worked for Fannie Mae, Kristy William Fercho now fills various roles at Flagstar Bank, including Executive Vice President and Vice-Chair, she is also on the Mortgage Bankers Association Board of Directors. Her background at Fannie Mae inspired her to help families in need to be able to purchase their own homes to live in.

Jane Fraser

Citigroup’s first female to serve as CEO is Jane Fraser. Throughout her 16-year career with the company, she has also stepped up to serve as a member of the Board of Dean’s Advisors for Harvard Business School as well as the Vice Chair for the Partnership for New York City.

Jenny Johnson

Franklin Resources Inc’s current President and CEO are Jenny Johnson. In her role as CEO, she is responsible for running the company’s investment management support services. She is also the force behind product development and global distribution for Franklin Templeton. In addition, she helped Franklin Templeton expand into e-commerce. For the Fiduciary Trust Company, Ms. Johnson is in charge of not only infrastructure support and systems but also software development and fund administration.

Porter Gale

Among Porter Gale’s many career achievements, she was the Virgin America Airlines Vice President of Marketing. Her current positions include Reddit’s Board of Directors and Personal Capital’s Chief Marketing Officer. In addition to holding these positions, she is also a public speaker and published author. Her most notable book is, “Your Network Is Your Net Worth.” In the book, Ms. Gale attributes her success to the people that helped her along the way. She writes about how to build professional relationships and network within one’s industry.

These six women have what it takes to serve as trailblazers in the financial industry, and they serve as inspiration for women of all ages.

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