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6 Management Techniques to Improve Employee Productivity

Quality management is an important part of getting the best out of your employees. The better your managers and their management techniques are, the more productive and happy your employees will be and this in turn will boost your revenue. 

Therefore, to help you better manage your employees, I have made a list of the top employee management techniques to improve productivity… 

Set achievable goals and expectations:

Goals are an important part of any company. But you need to be very careful while setting them because if you set unachievable goals, then your employees morale will go down if they don’t achieve them. So, take a look at your time frame and your employees skill levels and set realistic goals. 

After that you should divide the goals into achievable projects and tasks, then assign them to your employees and communicate the expectations you have from them. Give them a rundown of the projects and let them know how much time you expect it will take and get their feedback too. Then adjust the time frame based on their responses. 

And if you don’t achieve the goals on time don’t let your employees get too disappointed by focusing on what they missed out on, instead get them to focus on wins.

Improve communication skills:

Poor communication skills can lead to dissatisfied employees and a high quit rate. Therefore, managers should constantly work on their communication skills. They should actively speak to their employees and engage in both serious and small talk and learn as much as they can about their employees. This will help them offer better guidance to their employees. 

So, reserve 1 to 2 hours every day to speak to your employees and follow an open-door policy that encourages employees to come speak to you about any problems that are bothering them. 

Managers should also work on their ability to understand non-verbal ques. As employees might say something, but their body language could mean something else. 

Constantly study activity:

Another way to understand your employees is by tracking and studying their activity. So, use timesheet apps like this one to check your employee attendance rates and how much time they are spending at work and check what is making them more productive. If you find that an employee is working better when they come in later in the day or when they work from home, it might be better to suggest these new timings to them (or ask them to work from home more). 

Gathering and using data to manage employees can have a massive positive effect on productivity rates. 

Encourage healthy competition: 

Competition can play a pivotal role in improving employee productivity, but it could also lead to a downfall of the company by hatching animosity between employees. This is why you should encourage some form of competition between employees, but you shouldn’t let it get out of hand. 

You can easily encourage competition by rewarding employees for their work. Start off with something simple like coupons or a free meal. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Employees will just be happy that you recognized their efforts. 

You can later work in more things such as awards for best performing employees and quarterly and annual bonuses. Again, this doesn’t have to be an expensive reward. Sometimes just gifting them a prize that is a few hundred dollars can help. 

Build a culture:

You should also work on building a culture. A good culture will make employees feel a part of the company and their colleagues’ lives. This will help them feel more engaged and develop a sense of loyalty towards the company. They won’t just see the work as a place they need to show up to every day to make money, but as something they want to help mold into a better place. 

So, figure out the type of culture both you and your employees want and work towards molding it. 

Be a mentor:

Another way to gain the loyalty of your employees is by being more than just a boss. You need to see each and every employee under you as a protégé. And you aren’t just helping them be a better employee, but a better person as well. The more they see you as their mentor, the more likely they will want to remain at your company. 

Most managers think that they need to mentor just one person at a company. But this isn’t true. They need to mentor and mold every single employee at their company. All your employees should feel proud to work for you and your company. 


These are 6 management techniques that can help improve employee productivity. Make sure every manager at your company implements them today. These techniques will not only improve productivity, but also help you gain the long-term loyalty of your employees. 

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