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6 Jobs That Have More Women in 2023

Far have we come from the days of women being housewives and housewives only. In fact, there are a number of occupations and sectors that have seen a huge increase in the number of women in their workforce. 

But what are these roles and which sectors are employing more women year after year? Find out in today’s article on the 7 jobs that have more women in 2023. 

Forklift Drivers 

Forklift drivers and operators have seen a shift in their industry. Not only becoming more eco-friendly with electric forklifts but in the number of women in their workforce. Despite women being almost 30% less likely to be considered by a hiring employer, women have broken through in this industry.

Now, we are seeing far more women as forklift operators. But also, a much healthier attitude towards women in education. Girls are encouraged to go for what they want, no matter if it’s a male-dominated environment.

Legal Professionals 

In most elements of the legal sector, women now dominate the industry. Overall, 52% of lawyers are female despite only 39% of criminal lawyers being women.

This overall percentage is only going up year on year, as more and more women enter the higher education system with the dream of becoming a lawyer.

Health Professionals

Perhaps one of the most respected professions in the world is the doctor and women are rising through the ranks. We appeared to have shifted the perception of women only becoming nurses, and actually now are becoming physicians and GPs.

45% of all HCHS doctors are now female, a stat that we hope continues to grow. 


That’s right, we are now seeing a lot of female ‘sparkys’. The drastic change has happened over the course of a few years and has seen many government incentives to get women into the trade. Paid courses, bursaries and other incentives have been used to help balance out the gender inequality in this sector. 

Agricultural and Fishery Labour 

Although the term is fisherMAN, we might need to start saying fisherWOMAN, as the amount of women in this sector continues to rise. 

A lot more women are pursuing the academic and manual side of agriculture, with a yearly conference to show for it. Women in agriculture allows the female workers of the industry to come together and share their ideas. 


Science are engineering professionals are more frequently women nowadays. SImilarly to electricians, there are lots of schemes in place to encourage women to get involved in the engineering sector. 

So, consider a career in engineering, to keep changing the face of the industry. 


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