6 Gifts High-Tech Home Chef’s Will Love

High-tech gifts

Chefs spend hours in the kitchen creating signature meals to share with family and friends. If their birthday is coming up or the gift-giving season, show them your appreciation by gifting them a gadget that will make cooking easier.

Here are 6 high-tech gifts any cook would love to receive.

1. Pizza Oven

Gifting the home chef in your life a pizza oven offers a gift that’s both economical and efficient. It’s economical in the sense that several pizzas can be cooked at once. And, it’s efficient in the sense that you can have perfectly charred pizza in a matter of 60 seconds!

Foods cook faster in a pizza oven because of the high temperatures they offer. This means more nutrient retention, healthier meals, and better-tasting pizza! What at-home chef wouldn’t love this?

To make the best shopping decision, check out sites like Pizza Oven Reviews that review the best pizza ovens and accessories in the market. Here, you’ll learn more about these appliances, the best on the market, and which would make the best gift for the cook in your life.

2. Air-Fryer

Air fryers are packed with benefits for both cooks and those eating the meals. They’re easy to operate, create healthy meals, and cook almost anything. You’ve probably heard of these appliances but not quite sure how they work. Consider deep-frying food – you submerge food in boiling oil and let it cook. An air-fryer does the same thing, except it uses a few tablespoons of cooking oil, a superheated chamber, and air that’s circulated at very high speeds.

Essentially, you replace cups of boiling oil with droplets of oil that circulate the air to create that same crispiness. Sounds pretty amazing right? It is, and home chefs will think so too!

3. Barsys Smart Coaster

We all know what drink coasters are – small gadgets that protect your furniture from pesky watermarks or hot drinks. However, you may not have heard of this “smart coaster” that’s hit the market recently. The Barsys Coaster turns any person into an instant mixologist!

How these devices work is you connect it to your device through Bluetooth and choose the cocktail you want to create. Then, you will place your cup on the coaster (or pitcher) and the digital coaster will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to make the drink.

As you add the ingredients, the coaster will change colours to let you know when to stop pouring (uses a green, yellow, and red system). Note that it can’t be used as a serving coaster since it has to be plugged into work. You won’t want anyone placing their beer on this high-tech mixology disc anyway!

4. Pasta Maker

There’s nothing like making pasta from scratch; however, making fresh pasta can be a real pain sometimes. A quality pasta maker takes away the hassle of having fresh pasta at your fingertips by weighing, mixing, kneading, and extruding the pasta in a matter of minutes. At the end of the day, your chef friend can take all the credit. No one has to know… except for you of course!

5. Smart Kitchen Faucet

Touch-free faucets offer the luxury of never dealing with sticky or dirty hands. Some smart kitchen faucets sense your hands and turn on while others are compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This means you can use your voice to turn them on/off, the temperature of the water, or how much water you need to be dispensed! It’s one of those high-tech gadgets you don’t realise you need until you have one! Your friend who spends a lot of time in the kitchen will much appreciate their very own smart kitchen faucet.

6. Countertop Dishwasher

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all you come across countertop dishwashers. These high-tech devices are great for chefs that live in apartments or have small kitchens. They are compact dishwashers that sit right on your countertop. We suggest going with a model that doesn’t need to be connected to plumbing. Simply add a gallon or two of water, plug it in, insert your dishes, and you’re good to go!

The Takeaway

With so many gift-giving options it can be difficult to decide what to give your food-loving friend. Any of the above is sure to have their jaw drop and get excited about getting back into the kitchen to test it out!

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