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6 Fitness lessons you need to learn from India’s most Desirable Supermodel Karan Oberoi

Since the time he got into modelling, Indian Model Karan Oberoi has been a well-known name for his incredible ripped physique in the modelling industry. He currently possess one of the best physique in the male modeling segment of India, with strong ripped shoulders, biceps that have amazing cuts popping with veins and hard six-pack abs. Model’s fitness and dietary routine has always been the talk of the fashion and fitness community, especially among the Indian youth who dream to get a lean and muscular physique like him.

This leading male model Karan Oberoi also known as KO is undoubtedly a role model for all of us when it comes to fitness. He is in the finest shape of his life and turned 35 last year. Some of his fans consider him as ever juvenile. 

Here are tips from India’s most desirable Super model Karan Oberoi. His workout routine has always been an unexplored treasure.  Here we shall be sharing some of the tips that we learnt while following him on Instagram. He is often seen sharing his fitness secrets while working out and also while going for a jog accompanied by his beautiful mirror selfies and videos that are loved and appreciated by many. So here are his fitness secrets that you can use to stay in shape and get some inspiration for your own fitness regimens.

  1. Never miss your daily Jog: Model Karan Oberoi is known to have a ripped beautiful body, the body that is a dream for many young men to have. Karan never misses his daily run. He runs for an hour every day no matter how busy he is with his work schedule. He doesn’t miss his jog even on Sundays. He gives a lot of importance to cardio activities majorly running or jogging. Running or going for jog every day for an hour on consistent heart rate can help one burn a lot of calories and also burn fat. Jogging additional to burning calories also helps in improving skin quality that ultimately helps in visibility of ripped hard abs and appearance of veins.  


  1. Say no to excess sugar, sodium and cornflour: Karan believes that to have a ripped body it is very important to discard sugar food, eating less salt and cornflour from the diet as they all contribute in bloating and doesn’t help to lose weight if that’s one’s goal, moreover they are also not good for the skin and leads to aging. 

  1. Occasional gym is enough to have a lean beautiful body:  Karan believes everyday gym might bulk you up, so cardio can’t be missed but gym somewhere can. If your aim is to look like India’s top model Karan Oberoi, it is highly advised that you spend less of the time in the gym that is lifting weights and do more of jogging like him on roads. Gym has its own importance in the way that it helps your muscles to tone up but definitely if you are over doing it, it might just lead to injury and will not help you look lean as body becomes too stiff. 

4. Drink a lot of water and other fluids and eat fibre rich foods: Supermodel Karan Oberoi stresses on the importance of drinking a lot of water if you really want to look shredded as this could not just help in water regulation from the body, but also helps in achieving great skin. Fibre rich foods like green leafy vegetables and low sugar fruits should also be the part of one’s diet. Including vegetables like broccoli, spinach, fenugreek and fruits such as oranges, apples, watermelon and strawberries when eaten in moderation as they are high fibre fruits, not just helps in weight reduction but can also help in achieving lean muscular body.

  1. Consume high protein food: Including high protein foods such as lean meat; fish and chicken in your diet can seriously help you achieve lean and muscular look. Our muscles are made of protein, therefore consuming high protein foods combined with daily cardio activates can help you achieve that look. Karan says big no to eating rice as it’s a pure carbohydrate as it is not just a high calorie food but it also causes water retention which ultimately takes away your lean and muscular look.

  1. Discipline and organized life: To achieve anything in this world we all need to have certain discipline in that sector, so as fitness. Fitness requires discipline that is not missing your cardio sessions, sleeping for at least 8 hours a day at one go, and dedication towards your fitness goals can help you achieve your desired look according to Indian super model Karan Oberoi.
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