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6 Fintech Podcasts to Listen to in 2019

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business associate, or just a regular employee with an increased interest towards anything finance-related, keeping up with financial technology trends is probably something you enjoy doing.

Considering how fast and easy information is being spread nowadays, learning about the latest fintech news isn’t difficult at all.  An appealing way to stay in the know is by listening to podcasts. Podcasting has become highly popular, which isn’t always a good thing, considering it can often be hard to decide which shows are actually worth your time and attention.

So what fintech podcasts should you be listening to in 2019? Which are the most interesting and informative shows now found online? Here are some of the options that are really worth the airtime:

Breaking Banks with Brett King

Breaking Banks has been around since fintech first emerged, being the first podcast created around the field. The show still goes strong today and is listened to by an increased number of people. Brett King is the one to host the podcast, live streaming it every Thursday.

The host is known to be one of the most important fintech experts on a global scale, and is also an author with four best sellers. Besides being among the first to find out about every single change or news related to fintech, Brett also has an engaging personality, and has his own compelling way of dissecting the most important topics on financial technology.

Being so well-viewed in the world of fintech, Brett regularly invites important guests from the field, engaging in captivating and witty conversations. The show is listened to across more than 170 countries, with an audience that exceeds 5 million people.

Fintech Insider by 11:FS

Coming from London’s financial district, and with a style that maintains a radio show vibe, Fintech Insider is a tri-weekly show, hosted by Jason Bates, David Brear, Simon Taylor, and Chris Skinner. It’s a live, on-going conversation between the experts, who aim to cover the latest developments and trends happening in the sector. They also invite regularly big names from the fintech and banking industry, and are often targeting the disruptions happening in this domain.

For a fintech podcast to become popular, it needs a few important ingredients: informative, compelling topics, debates, witty and funny comments, and impressions from the industry’s masterminds and innovates. And, as experts from also suggest, music is needed as well, just to naturally start and end the show, as well as to attract listeners. Well, Fintech Insider seems to have all of these ingredients, that’s why it’s so well rated by people around the world.

Around the Coin

Let’s move on to Around the Coin. If you’ve been a persistent fintech industry follower for quite some time, you’ve probably at least heard about this podcast. Around the Coin is an award-winning show, airing weekly. It has been created with the objective of providing entrepreneurs with a different perspective on business growth in the industry of payments.

You will hear Mike Townsend, Faisal Khan, Nako Mbelle, Brian Roemmele, and Malini Kannan talk about anything that has to do with payments, showcasing various perspectives and targeting the US, as well as other countries around the world.

Because it has become so popular, the show has released two new podcast series entitled Money on the Move and Behind the Coin. The first one mainly focuses on international transfers and payments, and the latter has as main topic cryptocurrencies.

Wharton Fintech

Coming right out of university, and being led by students, you can quickly see why this show is actually different from the rest out there. The hosts vary from one show to another, from investors, to founders, and even students who are interested in fintech. Besides promoting financial technology trends, the podcast also has as goal to connect industry professionals and students with innovative enterprises from the fintech sector.

If you want to find out what ideas and trends are currently reshaping the sector, you’ll likely learn about them by listening to Wharton Fintech. It’s also pleasing to see how many young people are actually passionate about the subject.

A16z Podcast

Comparing incumbent banks to millennial-focused alternatives, A16z podcast is the type of show that will help you accumulate some great insights on the industry, and might put things in a clearer and better perspective for you. The show talks about data transparency in the digital era, about the challenges banks are facing, and how fintech startups are taking a leaping advantage over traditional financial institutions. Some great subjects are being debated in these series.

London Fintech Podcast

This show benefits from quite a few years of longevity, being initially launched in 2014. The host – Mike Baliman – started the podcast with the mission to not only educate but also entertain its audience. Being listened to by people from more than 170 countries, London Fintech Podcast has become one of the oldest and most popular shows revolving around fintech. Each episode lasts from 40 minutes to one hour, and has guests from UK financial institutions and fintech startups. You will likely listen to a variety of subjects, starting from digital currencies and up to peer-to-peer marketplace and alternative financing solutions. You’ll never get bored of this show, considering how versatile it is, and how compelling the information is being presented.

While the number of podcasts made on the topic of fintech is quite extensive, these few examples remain the most popular ones, based on what it is being presented and how many people around the globe are actually listening to them. Discovering what’s new in terms of financial technology, what is being expected, and who the biggest players in the industry are is possible if you become a regular listener to any of the shows mentioned above. Whether Braking Banks is more of your style, or you prefer Wharton Fintech, as long as you’re paying attention, you’ll have quite a lot to learn, regardless which of these podcasts you choose to follow more frequently.

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