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6 Factors To Consider When Choosing An AI Course Generator

Online courses have become more competitive than ever, and to stay ahead of the competition educators have to keep up not only with the evolving content but also the advancing technology.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, let us break the news to you – the artificial intelligence revolution has already struck the online education sector, and the most recent feature is the AI Course Generator.

Are you curious to know what it’s all about and how to go about selecting the right course generator for your course? Then read on!

AI Course Generator – The New Way of Creating Future-Ready Learning 

An AI Course Generator is a software or an online course builder with AI-supported tools and features. These tools provide trainers and teachers with resources like automation, graphics and video integration, tests and games creation, personalization, answering bots, etc.

AI Course Generators also come with the advantage of automated lesson summaries and recaps and student performance tracking.

All in all, the educator needs to provide only the basic lesson inputs and all the repetitive tasks can be automated according to the needs of the classroom with prompts and commands.

How To Choose The Right AI Course Generator

Let’s elaborate on some key factors one must consider before narrowing down on an AI application for course creation.

  1. Assistance In Course Structuring 

When you’re new to creating courses for online teaching, even the starting point can be quite overwhelming. You might be at a loss for how to structure the knowledge and information you want to include to create a unique and valuable course for your students.

So if, as a beginner, you’re looking for an AI course creation tool, you must specifically assess how much assistance you’ll get for building the course structure.

Even for experienced teachers who want to launch advanced levels of a basic course, this step may not come very naturally. With appropriate AI assistance, the task becomes simplified as the educator can create a list of study topics according to the learning objectives and the targeted outcomes. 

  1. Speed and Ease of Use

AI course builders do what the teacher might have done, but all that in much less time and with hardly any effort. In that sense, at the time of selecting an AI course generator one must look for automation of repetitive tasks like creating course summaries, feedback forms, course surveys, etc. 

Besides, the automation features must be uncomplicated and convenient to use, with minimal errors, otherwise, the whole process will only turn out to be frustrating for you.

  1. Content Features

While as a teacher, you may be qualified to impart technical knowledge, you may be lacking in skills like animation and graphics or quizzing which are crucial for making online learning enriching and interactive for the learners. 

Fortunately, there are AI-powered course creation tools available that can create amazing graphics and videos, along with building game-like quizzes tailored specifically for your course. It’s pretty simple, if you pick a course creator with exceptional content creation attributes, you’ll be able to create outstanding course content.

  1. Performance and Progress Tracking

A lot of AI course creation apps give basic content-related features, but if you’re interested in creating professionally appealing courses, like for awarding certifications and qualifications, you would need advanced features for tracking the progress and achievements of learners at regular intervals. 

  1. Creating Expansive Courses

Again, for professional-level courses, the basic AI course generators may not be enough. The same goes for courses for learners with special needs, or for courses that will offer a very high level of customization for learners.

There are only limited AI course builders that assist in creating such expansive and versatile courses. Make sure you check for how much assistance you’ll be getting in this direction when you’re selecting a course creation tool.

  1. Costs and Budget

Most AI course generators are competitively priced and come with trial versions. You must carefully compare the features and pricing of the available options and also consider if the tools come bundled with free updates and learning management system integration. 


AI is here to stay and change the way experts impart knowledge and skills to new learners. Applying this new technology to your online course can significantly improve its appeal and value.

You can choose an AI course generator based on whether you’ll need basic automation features or advanced ones like progress tracking and customization. Finally, the cost, budget and scale of your online course will also be a deciding factor for choosing the right course creator.

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