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6 Emerging Financial Publications for Traders in 2021

Best Financial Publications In 2021

Being updated with the latest developments on the domestic and global front is key to becoming a successful stock trader. The highly sensitive nature of the benchmark indexes makes them subject to immense fluctuations even with the minor changes in the broader markets.

Also, knowing about the current geopolitical relations is crucial for understanding the growth prospects of a particular industry, as international trade flows reach their pre-pandemic levels. To illustrate with an example, the United States signed a four-month temporary tariff halting deal with the European Union in mid-May, under which any and all tariffs on steel imports and exports would be removed. This should cause steel prices to decline in the near term, despite high demand.

As a result, publicly traded companies in both the EU and US should witness rising export sales, which, in turn, should have a positive impact on their share prices.  Thus, the future of the steel industry is highly impacted through such geopolitical developments, making such news an important deciding factor for investments in the industry.

While major news publications are known for their real-time updates regarding the stock markets and the latest news regarding key macroeconomic developments and international dialogue, most of them are paid websites, with substantial subscription charges. Traders unwilling to sign up for the premium versions of these websites, which charge upwards of $30 per month for access to all news articles and opinion-based write-ups, can view the emerging financial publications with immense potential.

Best Emerging Financial Publications in 2021


Kiplinger is, no doubt, an established company in the financial journal space. However, the website is known for its research reports analyzing the short-and-long-term trends for a majority of the industries. However, the company’s financial news section is gaining traction as well, as it highlights the important market developments and their potential implications on various stocks. Its personal finance and investing news section are designed to attract budding stock market enthusiasts, as it published detailed analyses on companies having the potential to emerge as the biggest market winners.


Plus500 is a CFD trading platform based in Israel. It provides international investing facilities at low leverage expenses and spreads, making it one of the most popular trading platforms in the country. The company’s ‘news and market insights’ section aims to help traders understand the implications of major market developments, designed to shed light on vital industry news. Decoding the analytical implications of certain news might be challenging even for expert traders, given their highly technical annotations. Plus500 is operating a News and Market insights section that can help investors understand such key developments easily.


Entrepreneur is an up-and-coming journal that publishes articles on technology, wealth management, start-ups, and finance. The website has collaborative agreements with multiple small-scale financial journals, through which it publishes quality content on its websites. Its financial news section publishes articles written by long-term veterans of the stock markets.

These articles often highlight stocks having industry disruptive capacity. Its “Personal Finance” section is designed to help beginners better manage their savings and investments. Entrepreneur magazine publishes articles based on regional data to serve readers from the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, among others.   


Morningstar is known for its industry research, financial ratings, and investment management services. The company’s operations as a research and data management company shadow its interesting news and market commentary, which are written based on independent market research. MorningStar’s news section publishes articles on fundamental topics to highlight the best growth or value stocks to invest in, as well as industry-specific articles to list the potential market movers in the current macroeconomic backdrop.


Nasdaq has been branching out from its position as one of the largest tech-savvy indexes in the United States to provide the latest headlines regarding market developments, data analysis reports, and general market landscape overview. It is one of the most reliable sources of market news and the latest developments. It also publishes the press releases of a majority of the companies, along with real-time updates of the market activity during and after trading hours. 

Block Pug

Block Pug is a budding cryptocurrency magazine founded by content creators with more than five years of exposure to the cryptocurrency markets. This website is designed to help novice investors understand the basics of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital assets, as well as break down the complex trading techniques in this market. Being one of the most complex emerging digital assets, crypto literacy is crucial, given its potential to become a major means of transactions globally in the future.  

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned financial publications provide adequate coverage for any and all markets and industries. Beginners looking for insights into the latest developments and implications of the same for underlying industries should be able to get a well-formed idea into the current market trends and future growth prospects for markets worldwide.

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