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6 Effective Ways To Use Videos For Marketing Your Brand

Videos have been an integral part of marketing for decades. From testimonials to social media video production, businesses use videos to relate with their audience and reach their marketing goals. 

If your business plans to expand its horizons and try something new and effective, you should consider creating different types of video content for your business. To help you do that, here are six practical ways to use videos for marketing your brand.


Testimonials are an effective way to leverage the brand loyalty of your previous customers to attract new customers. The testimonial videos play a vital role in the purchase decision process of customers, as it also talks about various features of the product. They are more likely to buy the product if they come across testimonials where people talk about what they like or admire about your brand and their experience with the product.

Businesses can showcase such videos on their websites and social media handles to encourage new customers to buy your product. Please make sure the content of the testimonials is natural and not scripted. 


Vlogging might sound cliche, but it is an effective way to engage with your audience. Many creative brands, influencers, and marketers use vlogging to share their personal experiences and suggestions. Businesses today promote their products through content creators as they help to personalise their business. These content creators share their experiences through videos that humanise the business and help their audience engage with the brand. 

For example, an outdoor adventure brand collaborates with adventure vloggers to create content around its products and services. Such vloggers have a niche audience that businesses can leverage to promote their brands. 

Behind the Scene Videos

Behind the scene videos or popularly known BTS videos, are a creative way to engage with the audience. People love to see what goes on behind the camera. The unedited and unfiltered version of the original videos and bloopers can make them laugh and connect better. BTS videos give a sneak peek behind the curtains of your business.

Many popular brands also use BTS videos to show how they make their products or services. It helps to create transparency and trust in the minds of customers. Businesses show behind the scenes of their manufacturing process or movie production process to show their audience how much effort goes into making their product. 

Social media videos

Social media video production can help businesses to build a larger audience through social media networks. You can create engaging and shareable videos on trending topics that your audience is more likely to interact with. Social media videos need to be short, engaging, and relatable to your audience. There’s no point in creating videos about car safety if you sell baby products. The relevancy helps you relate with your audience. You can create trending, humorous videos or guides and tutorials to help your audience solve their problems. Whether you have an in-house crew or hire an external video production company, you need to maintain relevancy to get better ROI on your videos.

Product review videos

There’s no doubt that written reviews are effective, but review videos create more impact than written reviews. Product reviews contain in-depth descriptions of the product and its features. The visual aspect of the video makes it easier to perceive and understand. It is mainly essential for electronics as they have more features and when the manufacturer needs to educate their customers about how to use the product effectively.

The unboxing videos are another form of product review videos. In such videos, the reviewers explain everything about the product right from unboxing it. Product review videos can be an excellent strategy for brands to engage with their audience while educating them to make the best use of their product. 


Tutorials are one of the most engaging and widely viewed video content on platforms like YouTube. People watch tutorials to learn something and gain more knowledge. They have step-by-step guides to help people perform a particular task in the best way possible.

Tutorials allow businesses to showcase their expertise and establish themselves as a leader in the industry. A baby product brand can create tutorials and guides about parenting and baby care for new mothers. It helps build credibility and brand loyalty as the audience holds your brand in higher regard as you help them solve their problems.

These are some of the best ways businesses can use videos to promote their brand. Create a video strategy to plan the process and always remember that good content with an impactful message never goes in vain.

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